Tips to choose wedding music theme for the big day

Selecting a right theme for the wedding is highly significant, as it helps in setting the stage for the wedding design, decoration and planning. The moment you finalize the wedding theme, you are ready to decide upon the wedding dress, decorations, invitation, banquet menu, cake, music and every other nitty-gritty.


Wedding music ideas

Wedding planners need in considering a couple of factors, namely the venue location and the musical taste of both the couple and the guests. Few wedding music ideas include classical music at the bride’s entrance. However, while considering music covering the other pieces of the ceremony is often a daunting task.

Few wedding planners opt to choose modern wedding music, including well-known songs, or continue employing the classical theme all throughout. Yet wedding music themes planners, who wish to make this grand event more exciting and thrilling, go to the extent of having live music, especially for the reception and other related ceremonies.

Couple’s taste matters

Once you have opted in moving ahead with making the wedding playlist the most vital factor is considering yours as well as your partner’s taste. Are you both fond of same music? Are there songs, which are close to your hearts? And most importantly, does your taste of music match with that of your guests?

All these factors should be considered prior to selecting the wedding music to keep yourself and the guests happy.


Consider the theme

A crucial factor that you should keep in mind, prior to selecting the music, is the theme of your wedding. If your wedding has a country western theme, then you can go for a live band, haystacks, country music, and cowboy boots. On the contrary, if the theme is Indian, you can go for classical music, as this is very elegant. You can hire pianists for the cocktail hour and a classical ensemble for the reception.

While if you prefer the theme of rock n roll, you can go at designing the entire wedding ceremony on a particular band or performer or go for rock music. An interesting way is by riding on motorbikes as newly wedded couples and using electric guitar place card holder for such wedding theme style.

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