Tips to consider before including pets in your wedding ceremony

including pets in your wedding ceremony

Including pets in your wedding ceremony is trending hot this season. It is a great way to include the tiniest member on this special occasion. Once you have decided to include your pets in your big day, here are some tips to consider.

The venue comes first

including pets in your wedding ceremony

Before going to include your pets in the wedding, make sure to check with the venue. Do some homework and research to shortlist the venues. One of the biggest challenges is location. As pet-friendly wedding venues are difficult to get. If you are done with same, make sure to see their entire dos and don’ts list. You have to find out about all the things before taking something into consideration. Try visiting the venue a couple of times or, it would be better if you bring along your pet a few time before the wedding so that they get comfortable and familiar with the venue and surroundings.

Guest comfort first

The comfort of your guest is the foremost and important aspect of including pets in your wedding. Before going to a pet-friendly wedding, make sure to check with your entire guest if they are comfortable to be around your pets or not. Not all people are comfortable with the dog-themed wedding. Some are allergic to dogs and some are extremely terrified of dogs, so do your homework first. Rather than making the guests too conscious about the wedding, you should rather take their suggestion as they have to be comfortable. You should step forward and take the responsibility to ensure everything goes just the way you want.

Include them in your pre-wedding shoot

including pets in your wedding ceremony

This is the most innovative and creative ideas to include a pet in your wedding. Yes, as you get set for the pre-wedding shoot, try including your pets in the photo shoot. It will be fun and give a unique touch to your wedding shoot. Include some unusual props for the pets to make the photo shoot interesting and creative. Your little companion will definitely add some cuteness and charm to your photo shoot.

Pet protector

The wedding is the day for the lovebirds. Since the bride and the groom will be busy getting married and attending ceremony after ceremony. So it’s better to keep a caretaker or some friends to take care of your pets. You can’t just leave them at your wedding to roam around. Someone has to be dedicated to accompanying them while you two are busy. You should also keep in mind all the stuff that pets need in day to day routine. They are a bit moody and everything has to be there to help keep your pets happy throughout the wedding.

‘Save the date’ bearer

including pets in your wedding ceremonyThis is one of the cutest ideas for including your pets in your wedding ceremony. “Save the date” is quite popular and it’s getting everyone’s favorite day by day. Let your pets carry a lightweight “save the date” board with them and convey the details of your wedding to the friends and family. It will look cute as they roam around with the board. You can also be a part of this invitation in a creative way. Just capture the moments in all its best way along with sign “save the date”. And now circulate everywhere in your friends and family. Share the pictures personally to everyone. You can also post them on your social networking sites to inform all your loved ones. This could be the cutest invitation ever.

Hire them as your ring bearer

Pets no doubt are pretty. And you can involve them in your wedding by making them the ring bearer. This works well in a family where you don’t have a small member or baby cousin. You just have to train them well and get them to get ready with some cool outfits or a little collar bag with a harness.  Attach the rings in it and make them part of your ceremony. This will be an amazing ring ceremony and your guest will bound to witness some magical moments.

What do your pets want?

including pets in your wedding ceremonyFinally, think about from your pet’s perspective. Does your pet behave comfortably with a large group of people? How often you take your pets in the unfamiliar and crowded place. If they are anxious or have fear, you can make them get used to people months before. It’s best to put their need first if they wanted to go. Or you can find an alternative. We can’t get this speechless creature experience to get into any trouble or experience discomforts.

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