Tips to cut down on wedding ring cost

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Women always want to have the best of jewelry when it comes to their wedding day. Form color to style, everyone has their own personal choice.

Brides generally prefer to have brand new jewelry for the wedding day; however, here are few ways to cut down on the jewelry cost:

-These days’ white and platinum rings are gaining more popularity. If you want to have one of these, you can check the online websites where many offers discounted wedding rings.

-You do not always have to buy a new one, if you already have a platinum ring, just go to a jewelry store, and get the style changed.

-Alternatively, you can also get the platinum look by just dipping your ring in the metal called rhodium, which is also a kind of platinum.

-Remember one thing if you are opting for the Rhodium dip, the best option is to use them for diamonds and sapphires but not in the softer stones such as pearls and opals.

-The price for the dip vary from jeweler to jeweler, however, it would not cost you more than $18.


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