Tips to help you select the fabric of your wedding dress

The most significant day for a girl is her wedding day and she wants to make it as memorable and special as possible.  Considering this fact, the bride to be would like to look as beautiful and attractive on her special day and be the cynosure of all eyes.  The first step towards this is to decide on the wedding gown, which will help her look like a princess and be the centre point of attraction. Here are some popular fabrics that are commonly used for making wedding dresses:



Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to wedding gowns.  However, many brides believe that the larger the gown the better it appears.  Therefore, if you are the type who prefers to have a puffed up large gown, the taffeta is the best fabric for you to choose.

Therefore, if you want a gown that retains its shape and is stiff with a strong structure, then taffeta would definitely be the best decision.  In fact, this fabric is a popular choice, particularly for gowns with full skirts.



Chiffon is almost similar to laced as it has some additional material.  Chiffon combined with lace in a bridal gown looks very sensual and with a few detailing, it gives a surreal look to the gown.

You can opt for a bolero with the wedding gown in chiffon.  Furthermore, the veils and trains of elaborate gowns are usually made up of chiffon.



It is not commonplace to find wedding dresses that are entirely made out of lace.  However, lace plays a major role in beautifying and detailing the gown.

However, if you want to use lace in a large way, then you can use it as a jacket or shawl for the ceremony, which would give it a very nice look.



Velvet is not at all recommended for summer weddings, and is more apt for the winters.  The fabric carries a lot of weight and a winter wedding dress made out of velvet would be very warm and cosy for the bride.

However, the best quality about velvet is that it is very versatile and looks very elegant with weddings. That may be due to the fact it is actually heavy sufficient to maintain the bride warm and cosy. The great factor about it is its versatility.  Coupled with embroidery, velvet looks very elegant.

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