Tips to wear flower on your hair

Flowers for hair can never go out of fashion; they leave a sweet fragrance on your hair and can brighten your hair and the dress you are wearing. Three are numerous styles in which you can adorn flowers on your hair and we share some ways you can wear flowers on your hair.


Single Bloom

Pinning a single bloom on the side of your up do or tucking it behind your ear is both sober and stylish at the same time. Pick a flower that is large and full bloomed such as garden rose, peonies or gardenia. No matter whether you wear a stylish or messy hairdo, a single bloom can add charm to your hairstyle.


Haute Headband

You can arrange your flower in a headband which is either soft, a wrapped band or harder, shaped variety. These work well with all hair types and will stay secure for longer time without touch-up. You can opt for one or two large blooms interspersed with smaller flowers and add other accessories such as studs, gems or crystals.


Flower Hair Comb

If you do not want to create a crown of flowers then you can consider a hair comb with fewer flowers. You can easily wear them on a bun or at the back or side of your hair.


Ponytail Partner

You can braid flowers, beads and lace onto your ponytail. You can use a flowery fascinator on the side of your head using a single bloom peony or poppy. Since the flowers will mostly be silky, you need not worry about its wilting. If you wear your ponytail low, you can add a flower comb or barrette at the top or even on the ponytail holder itself.


Chignon Bloom

You can add one or two blooms on the side of the chignon for a classic look or line one side of the circle. You can use hairpins to fasten flower with stem as a single large flower or cluster of smaller blossoms. You can pierce the center of the flower with a small hairpin and stick it directly into your hair.


Floral Beading

This style of wearing the flower is both timeless and elegant. You can string beads on wires in various colors and patterns to resemble different types of flowers.

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