Why you should have a backyard wedding

Weddings can be both grand and personal, if one were to conduct the ceremony in the backyard. The special thing about a backyard wedding is the personal association with the location and you can have a personalized ceremony with close family and friends. We bring you five reasons to go for a backyard wedding.

Backyard wedding

Zero Venue Cost

Since the venue is your own backyard, you save a lot on venue expenses such as rent. Also, considering that the central space will be empty you can decorate it as you wish without being encumbered by the large tables and extra chairs. Hiring tables and chairs for the guests would still be cheaper than renting venue space.


Setting Rules

Generally, wedding venues such as churches and halls have numerous rules and precautionary measures that one must abide by. Often there are restrictions on the type of decorations that can be used in the venue and the space usage as well. In case of a backyard wedding, you can utilize the space available to create the setting of your choice.

Wedding date

Selecting the Date

Traditional wedding venues have huge demand and they generally book an year ahead of time and in case of popular locations this can go up to two or three years. This leaves you very few options for date and you may end up waiting a long time to get hitched. If you are planning to host your wedding in the backyard then you can set the date at your will.


Work with Local Vendors

Many venues expect you to deal with their vendors alone, and in case of some venues, you have to work with a list of approvals asked by vendors. With a backyard wedding, you have the option to work with smaller, local vendors such as local caterers, florists and bakeries. In fact, you can even commission one of your friends or family members who might have a catering business to serve at your wedding.


Family and Friends Involvement

Backyard wedding gives you the freedom to involve friends and family at every step of preparing the wedding, including choosing the date, decoration, setting up the venue, choosing the menu among other things. In fact, a group of family members may be able to bake your wedding cake.

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