Top 10 bridal handbags

Top Bridal handbags

Handbags are the most important accessory that work in making up the bridal attire complete. There are certain specifications of a bridal handbag that segregate it from an ordinary handbag. A bridal handbag thus reflects its richness in the material used, the intricate work which either comprises of beautiful tonal embroidery or rich applique, the typical shape and the color of the handbag. It is definitely not an every day usable one, but one that you need to treasure throughout your life as a memoir of the wedding. Here are ten such bridal handbags, meant either for the bride or the bridesmaid, to give you greater options to select from. You can choose any of them according to your bridal trousseau or your bridal makeup.

1. J. Tiras Marilyn

Price: $74.99

J. Tiras Marilyn

One of the most attractive creations by the designer brand in handbags, J.Tiras, from the designer J.Tiras Marilyn, this bridal handbag features a smart and chic look. It is shaped like that of a rectangle and can be opened from the top. This handbag is made from sophisticated silk satin that imparts an elegant sheen to the same. The top end of the handbag is framed with metal and is provided with a magnetic closure that ensures the security of the things kept inside the same. The user can hold on to the handbag efficiently with the help of the square handle at the middle part of the handbag, which comprises of brass frame. The bottom part of this frame features about four inches broad patch of crystal which adds the much needed glamor to a simple handbag. It is available in three basic colors: classic black, rich brown and bridal golden. So, you can choose the one you like according to your preferences. The dimension of this handbag is of 4.66 inches x 11 inches x 1.33 inches and weighs only 1 lb.


The most beneficial feature of this handbag is the light weight which makes it convenient to carry throughout the wedding ceremony without any hassle.


The company also promises to give a 60 days warranty against any manufacturing defect. The three available and strikingly distinct colors makes it a perfect accessory for the brides of different ages as well as the bridesmaids too.

2. Global Elements Flower Evening Bag

Price: $56.00

Global Elements Flower Evening Bag

If you have ever dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, then your wedding attire will never be cent percent complete unless you have this beautiful handbag from Global Elements. The designers in this company has worked together to inculcate a fairy tale theme in a small sized ladies handbag, having linear inches of 17”. Thus, rich satin has been used to reflect the mood of this handbag. The external appearance of the same is characterized by the use of several rose petals, clustered together in the form of a layer. These petals are also made from satin fabric and are further embelished with beads of similar color tone as that of the base material and the rose petals. The opening at the top of the bag is camouflaged inside these layers of fabric folding and the twin beaded handles on top helps to hold on to the handbag efficiently. It is available in size 9 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches and weighs 1 lb only.


The lightweight of the bag is a sharp contrast with the bulky appearance of the bag. This helps in carrying the bag easily for hours. It is a perfect match with floral bridal dresses or those with vintage look and long trains.


It is more apt for younger brides. The inner pockets make it quite functional too, together with being aesthetically beautiful.

3. Carlo Fellini Dominique

Price: $79.99

Carlo Fellini Dominique

This bridal handbag by Carlo Fellini is stunning in its half crescent shape. It is a perfect clutch bag for the wedding, comprising of silk satin fabric in its exterior portion. The interior part of the bag has been crafted with suede so that it is functional and durable. The slide pockets inside the pocket is suitable for carrying cell phone, money, visiting card, credit and debit card and any other essentials. The flip lock on the top of the bag, mounted on a metal frame ensures the security of the valuables kept inside.


The three colors; black, silver and gold, makes it perfect for any bride of any age. At a dimension of 7 inches x 4.5 inches x 3 inches, it weighs only 1 lb, which makes it convenient to carry.


The brand offers 100% price guarantee, which is sure to attract the customers. Moreover, the customers are also given 30 days warranty against any manufacturing defect.

4. Carlo Fellini Zoe

Price: $32.00

Carlo Fellini Zoe

Another handbag from Carlo Fellini is this ornate clutch bag, suited perfectly for the wedding. The fusion of casual and formal look, imparted by the slender shape and sleek look of the bag, coupled with vertical pleats at an equal interval throughout the bag, makes it a great bridal accessory. The satin base material of the external surface and the internal polyester lining makes it aesthetically as well as functionally effective. The magnetic closure with snap hook ensures security of the things kept inside.


The dimension of 8.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches makes it apt to be carried as a bridal accessory.The shoulder strap of 21 inches of length keeps your hands free while the handbag hangs freely from your shoulder.


The polyester lining makes the handbag stain resistant and partially water repellant. There is also a 30 days warranty offered by the company against any manufacturing defect.

5. Global Elements Evening Bag

Price: $46.95

Global Elements Evening Bag

Global elements presents a bridal handbag that has a layered look and features the use on numerous spangles.This bridal shoulder bag will be perfectly suitable for the evening proceedings of a wedding party.The use of hollow and solid spangles in an asymmetric layer all throughout the body of the handbag makes it a glamorous addition to your wedding attire. The silk outer base fabric of this handbag is lined with polyester fabric, featuring a dimension of 6.4 inches x 7 inches x 1 inch and is also equipped with a magnetic snap closure on top.


The twin handles of this handbag that looks like buffalo horn, makes it easy to carry. The different color ranges of base fabric makes each handbag different from the other.


The lightweight of the handbag is extremely useful for its users. Together with it, the magnetic closure ensures safety of the valuables inside the same.

6. Global Elements Shattered Glass Handbag

Price: $41.00

Global Elements Shattered Glass Handbag

The most striking feature of this handbag is the shattered glass look that it reflects.The silk base and the fully lined polyester base in the interior makes the handbag from Global Elements extremely effective as well as beautiful to look at. The opening at the top of this squarish handbag is provided with magnetic snap closure.


The numerous inner pockets that are provided with this handbag, are all zipper operated, which ensures greater safety. The twin handles also ease the burden on the shoulders by distributing the weight of the filled up handbag uniformly.


This handbag is a great option for the eco-conscious bride as well as the handles and made from recycles buffalo horns, which are quite durable too.

7. Handmade Bead Women Handbag

Price: US$ 74.2972

Handmade Bead Women Handbag

If you are passionate about handmade bags, then you must go for this handcrafted, exclusive handbag from Women Evening Bag. Although it might be a bit expensive but you cannot deny that it is worth your money. It is characterized by stones, beads and various other embellishments that have been hand sewn onto the bag. A multicolored effect has been achieved in the same by the selection of embellishments that are of different colors, shapes and sizes.


The hand sewn bridal handbag is perfect for a cocktail party on the day of the wedding. The floral embroidery gives it a feminine look too. Its choice of colors make it suitable for a wide range of women customers.


The inside pockets provided with this handbag makes it quite functional. The embroidered shoulder straps makes it easy to carry. Security of the valuables kept inside the handbag is ensured by the zipper opening at the top, which is kept concealed by the embroidered side panels.

8. Crystal Trimmed Bridal Clutch Style HBFANTASTIC

Price: $39.00

Crystal Trimmed Bridal Clutch Style HBFANTASTIC

This is a precious collection for any bride of any age or country. This beautiful bridal handbag from HBFANTASTIC features a clutch bag style. This is perfect for a corporate bride who does not prefer to be too much dressy but at the same time will love to steal everybody’s attention at the party. This bridal handbag comprises of as many as two hundred crystals that have been hand sewn onto the top portion of the same. The rectangular, sleek style of this fashion accessory has a two to three inches wide bar running all along the top line of the handbag, parallel to the length of the bag. This bar is studded with elegant crystals. Made from charmeuse satin, the sheen and the glam of the bag makes it a worth buy.


This clutch bag is available in different colors, featuring similar style and look. Thus you have a great option to choose from. Moreover, together with the clutch grip style it is also provided with the chain handles.


The twin chain handles make it usable as a shoulder bag too. The are optional and the user is free to attach and detach the same as per choice.

9. Fuchsia Heart Shaped Minaudiere Clutch

Price: $49.00 USD

Fuchsia Heart Shaped Minaudiere Clutch

This bridal handbag looks like a bunch of crimson roses on display inside a basket. This is a work of art than a mere handbag and has been developed by the designer Sherri Weese. The basic structure of this handbag is that of a heart, where the two parts are set together by means of a clamp and angles. The upper part of the heart is studded with fuchsia colored roses made out of silk satin. Further, a sparkling crystal is mounted at the center of these bunch of roses.


Available in a dimension of 5 inches x 4 ½ inches x 3 inches, the edges of the openings of each of the portion of the heart is made from metal frame with a medium sized ball-like snap closure. This ensures that the valuables are kept inside it neatly and safely.


The small size of the handbag makes it convenient to carry.The provision of two detachable shoulder straps in the form of two metal chains, a long one and a short one, makes it convenient for the user to use it as required. There are other colors options too, excluding this fuchsia for the bridesmaids.

10. White Ruffle Bridal Clutch Purse

Price: $59.00 USD

White Ruffle Bridal Clutch Purse

The ruffles, layers, floral feels that are the signature styles of the designer Sherri Weese are all back again with this bridal handbag designed by the same designer. This handbag is given a predominantly clutch style look and is meant mainly for the bride. This handcrafted wedding accessory, comprising of white satin base material and satin ruffles running all along the circumference of the same, imparts the most traditional look. The handbag can be opened by means of a zipper opening provided at the top, which has two ball-like snap closures too. The most stunning characteristic of the handbag is the bright fabric rose with crystal center, that is mounted at the central position of the bag.


The handbag has a compact dimension of 7 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches, which makes it perfect for a bride. The additional shoulder straps, that can be detached, gives the user a wider preference for carrying the same.The crimson rose looks stunningly real.


The provision of pockets inside the bag makes it easy to carry essential things. The light weight is also convenient for the users. The detachable chain strap is extremely durable.

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