Top 10 formal wedding gowns

Formal wedding gowns


In any culture, weddings are considered to be very important. They are a part of our life. In each culture, there are different traditions and accordingly different dresses are worn for the wedding function. These days, you may see that most of the marriages are in churches. Even if you choose some other place, there are some common designs to choose from. In any marriage, brides are always a focus of attention. Everyone coming to a wedding ceremony, first of all looks at the couple. Even between the bride and the groom, it is the bride who attracts the maximum attention. People are very much interested in seeing what she is wearing. They often comment on the wedding dresses, as well.

So, wedding dresses should be such that they may look very good. Brides should be dressed very beautifully. Everyone wants to see her charming. Wedding gowns can bring charm to her dress. You must know that dresses and their color have an impact on the human personality. So, a bride should always see to it and wear the dress that suits her personality the most. And, brides wear formal dresses usually that satisfy all these criteria. Some of the famous wedding gowns are mentioned in this article. These are offered by different designers across the country. These gowns can also be customized to suit your particular needs. For instance, there are some gowns that are long in length. You may get such wedding gowns altered as per your size.

1. Casablanca Wedding Gown # 1931

Price: $808.00

Casablanca Wedding Gown # 1931

Product description: Casablanca Wedding Gown 1931 is a fine gown having delicately beaded straps. These straps are holding the whole gown. The neck shape of this gown is like an A-line silhouette. It also has buttons on the back. The whole gown is finished with some beautiful bead work design. This all give it a royal look. The bride will look like a princess in this gown. This gown is also very comfortable to wear.

Product USP: It has a sleek satin work with embroidery, which looks very attractive. You won’t see this kind of beautiful embroidery in any other such wedding gown. This is really the best embroidery that a bride can have on her wedding gown.

Pros: This gown is designed perfectly for the marriages. The fabric used in this gown is of very high quality, which makes it among the best wedding dresses. It means that this dress will not be harsh to your skin. You may wear this dress very comfortably. It also has two silk bands that make it very beautiful.

2. Casablanca Bridal Gown # 1880

Price: $830.00

Casablanca Bridal Gown # 1880

Product description: Casablanca bridal gowns are world famous. This particular 1880 gown is very different from other such gowns. This is a strapless gown; and strapless gowns look really very attractive. They have a different attraction point. This gown is designed basically for garden marriages. It has a beautiful lace that decorates the complete gown. It has an A-line silhouette also. The designer has used pleats at the princess seams. From the back in the center, it looks very different. It looks just like a semi cathedral train.

USP: This gown is very attractive. The design and the looks of this gown make it different from others. This is all because of the great design and the work that designers have done on this particular wedding gown.

Pros: This wedding gown looks very royal in the wedding, especially for a garden wedding. It is a perfect choice for anyone opting for a gown. It is world famous for its design, color, and work. Online buying is one of the easiest ways to get this wedding gown delivered at home.

3. Casablanca Bridal Gown # 1680

Price: $650.00

Casablanca Bridal Gown # 1680

Product description: Casablanca bridal gowns are very popular wedding gowns. They have different designs. Out of all the wedding gowns available in the market, 1680 is the most attractive wedding gown. This wedding gown, in particular, is designed for those brides who are looking for some different or unique wedding gown. It has a single neckline. The hand embroidery and bead work add grace to the whole gown.

Product USP: This type of single strap wedding gowns are different from others. This gown has beautiful embroidery, as well. The way these gowns are placed, they must have a good acceptance in the market.

Pros: These wedding gowns are very comfortable to wear. Anyone may get this gown designed. The fabric used is of high quality. This fabric does not damage easily. Even the single neckline in this gown is very attractive. This is one of the best things that these wedding gowns have over others.

4. Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress 304

Price: $164.00

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress 304

Product description: This wedding gown 304 is a very affordable wedding gown. It has one shoulder and this is the most unique thing about this wedding dress. It is a perfect dress for any kind of weddings. The gown is famous for its color and looks very attractive. People love the color of this wedding gown. The waist line of this gown is also very good. The lines shown while wearing this dress makes it more attractive. It is also available in colors like white and ivory.

Product USP: These wedding gowns are very attractive. They can be obtained very easily.

Pros: These wedding gowns are very attractive and make the whole wedding experience great. These are also very comfortable to wear. This is because of the soft cloth material used in designing these wedding gowns. Brides really love to wear these wedding gowns for all the plus points these have over other wedding gowns available in the market these days.

5. Casablanca Wedding Gown # 1935

Price: $785.00

Casablanca Wedding Gown # 1935

Product description: This 1935 wedding gown is very special. It has been designed with a special type of chiffon fabric. This wedding gown also has a beaded applique. It is a great gown having various features like a ruched bodice, and an intricate beaded trim on the complete waist line; it has a V-shaped back line; and it is available in various colors, also. The V-shaped back line is very different and rare to be found in any kind of wedding dresses.

Product USP: This wedding gown is a very different gown. It is designed in chiffon fabric. This fabric is very good. It is soft and does not have any harmful effect on the human body.

Pros: This type of wedding gown is very soft and is designed with V-shape line. This back line makes it really very beautiful. Even the fabric used in making theses gowns is of premium class. These are affordable gowns and can be purchased without any doubt.

6. Bridal Ruched Strapless Gown

Price: $229.00

Casablanca Bridal Gown # 1880

Product description: This strapless taffeta gown is very beautiful. It would surely turn heads on your special day. It has a slimming ruched detail; which is a very special feature of any gown. The elegant beaded empire waist is also equally important. Designers have used imported polyester and nylon in making it. It really adds the star to your beauty. On the back, it has a zipper. Don’t worry – designers have taken care of this thing. The zippers used on back are totally transparent. The only thing you need to care about it is that try to avoid normal washing and only dry clean your gown.

Product USP: The imported polyester and the nylon used in this gown gives it an edge over other such gowns available in the market. This gown is ahead of them all.

Pros: This is a very beautiful gown that has been designed for people in need of some unique gown. The back side of this gown is also very attractive. Designers have used transparent zippers on the back. This gives it the biggest boost.

7. Flutter Sleeve Iridescent Chiffon Tiered Dress Style

Price: $199.00

Flutter Sleeve Iridescent Chiffon Tiered Dress Style

Product description: This is not only an affordable but very also a very beautiful gown. It has been designed as per chiffon style. The neckline is actually of V shape. The work on the skirt is very innovative and very few gowns with this work are available in the market. This wedding gown is not much expensive and you may very easily afford this one for your special day. All the eyes would be on you on your wedding day.

Product USP: This gown is actually a unique designed wedding gown. The work on its skirt makes it the best design in the market.

Pros: This is a very easy to obtain gown. You may also order the gown from the official website. The work on these gowns makes them look very beautiful and makes them the best gowns available in the market.

8. Bridal Chiffon and Charmeuse Dress

Price: $119.00

Bridal Chiffon and Charmeuse Dress

Product description: Bridal chiffon and charmeuse dress is a perfect gown for all body types. It has a sophisticated look. It is recommended to wear bold jewelry with this dress so that it looks extremely well. If you want to wear something bold on your wedding day, then you may go for this gown.

Product USP: The best thing about this kind of dress, is its style. It is suitable for all types of bodies. You need not worry whether the dress will suit your personality or not. Just go for this gown.

Pros: This bridal chiffon and charmeuse dress is a very unique dress in itself. It is to be worn with bold jewelry. With such jewelry, this dress looks very attractive. A person wearing this dress is going to seek the attention of all people present.

9. Bridal Structured Satin Dress with Chiffon Ruffle Style

Price: $49.99

Bridal Structured Satin Dress with Chiffon Ruffle Style

Product description: Bridal structured satin dress can in itself explain everything about it. This is a very good and attractive dress especially when it comes with chiffon ruffle style. This dress comes in various sizes and colors. You may go for this dress if you are looking for some affordable, but attractive dress for your marriage.

Product USP: This is a very affordable dress; the price of this dress is very much within the budget of many people. This thing makes this dress one of the unique dresses for wedding.

Pros: This kind of wedding gown is very attractive. It ca be bought very easily from any dress designer. You may also order and customize the dress as per your own convenience. This is the best thing about this dress. This gown is offered at very affordable price.

10. Bridal Long Soft Charmeuse Gown

Price: $99.99

Bridal Long Soft Charmeuse Gown

Product description: Bridal long soft charmeuse gown is a very attractive wedding gown. It is in long length and is meant for those brides who are a little taller. The way the cloth is turned and wrapped near the waist is very attractive. This dress is also available in many colors, but these days white colored or ivory ones are popular.roduct USP: This is a perfect dress for taller brides. This is the best thing about this dress. Many brides who are tall often feel very much depressed because they cannot find an appropriate dress for their wedding. This is the perfect one for them. It suits all their requirements.

Pros: This dress is available in various colors. You may choose the dress as per your choice. But white or cream colored ones are always recommended. These dresses are easily available to purchase online, as well. You may place the order on the website of the designer and can get yourself a wedding gown.

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