Top ideas for cholis this wedding season

The outfit that you will wear after and before the actual wedding ceremony is just as important as the wedding trousseau itself. Indian brides normally choose a traditional wedding dress for the main event and a stylish or trendy outfit for the other ceremonies. If you want to be adventurous and bold, brides can either opt for a choli or blouse, here are some ways;

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Offer shoulder:

The off shoulder choli has a very modern and seductive look and are the best option if you want this look. They show of a certain amount of skin but not too much of it and also fit well. You can choose an off shoulder saree blouse or choli based on how comfortable you are with wearing them.


Deep neck lines and short sleeves;

This style of choli is the most popular one that is simple to wear and adds a lot of style and can lift up a very drab look.  Try to avoid very deep neck lines as they are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen and ruin you look completely.


Saree jackets;

This is the latest look off the runways and basically a longer jacket blouse in place of the choli, you can also wear a heavy jacket over a sleeveless choli. These jackets normally have full or three quarter sleeves. This is the best way to be modern and traditional at the same time and will also look elegant.


Silver or gold with short sleeves;

The simple choli in a vibrant gold or silver will add the mandatory glitter and shimmer to your outfit, the sleeves should be very short other wise there will be too much of glitter and you could end up out shining the bride. You can team this choli with any lehengas or sarees especially light or plain colored chiffon sarees. This kind of a choli is the best option if you are on a budget.


The glam look;

You can also add embellishments to your choli or buy one that is ready made as it will look traditional and glamorous. These embellishments can be anything like mirrors, ghungroos and latkans either ion the back of the choli piece or on the sleeves, you can also opt for a deep cut back that will draw attention to the embellishment.

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