Wedding Candy Favors

hi all!!

i could use some viewpoint here.. as wedding favors, i am planning to give candies!! i know everybody doesn’t like them and specially elderly people. but hey! its my marriage! and so, my wish! i have always loved candies and would love to gift ’em. i think nothing in this world can be sweeter than candies. and on my marriage i wud love to spread sweetness around. but considering that its a marriage and not just any other party, i think i need some suggestions here over what kind of candies can i give? will assorted candies do? i think instead of going for any other type, i can go for either chocolate candies or assorted candies. assorted candies are a better choice i think. is there any other kind of candies too which are good enough to give as wedding favors? please let me know about the packaging too.. thanks~~~~

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