Wedding Color Symbolism: Pick Your Colors Wisely

Wedding color symbolism

In modern times, weddings are planned with lot of efforts. Among other things, colors play a vital role in wedding decorations. The wedding planners give a good thought in choosing the appropriate colors for decoration, keeping in view the culture of that community and other necessary considerations. Colors can make or break the vibrant moods of the guests. While there may not be any specific color criteria, the wedding planners must make a note to avoid those colors which are not correct for the occasion and make use of those colors which can be more appreciative. It is always important to consider the color psychology while buying dress to bridesmaid or picking colors for the wedding. The variation can change according to the place and religion. So here are some of the widely used colors in wedding that have their own meaning and feeling when it comes to marriage.

Following is the list of colors and what they usually signify:

1. Red

Red, in general, denotes passion, love and desire among all cultures across the world. It is generally associated with celebrations, joyous and vibrant mood. It is often conjoined with black and crisp white color in many classic patterns. However, since it is a highly vibrant color, you must be careful in choosing this color in your wedding. Although, red is a pleasing color, too much of it or a different shades can be an unwise choice while on the altar.

2. Black

Black, in today’s fashionable times, stands for elegance and style. Most of the people having very sophisticated and mysterious thinking often chose this color. This color, however, can be contradictory and hence must be chosen with great care. While on one hand, black signifies power, authority, and sexuality, it also denotes darkness, evil, and hostility. It is always better to get the best of this color by combining it with less vibrant colors and make it not look overpowering. In most of the wedding ceremonies, black is used in legions of black draped bridesmaid and usually makes a big hue.

3. Pink

While red denotes passion and high vibrancy, pink is a symbol of soothing and serenity. It shows spirituality and innocence, specially ideal for youths. However, there are two types of pink colors used in weddings these days; the first one is pale pink that represents joyousness and vivacious nature and the other one is hot pink, which symbolizes feminine power. Pink can be an appropriate choice for weddings but care need to be taken not to portray childish like ambiance or let a dull feeling creep in.

4. Purple

Purple symbolizes royalty and wealth. It usually connotes the old times of history where royalty was the key word to everything. You can combine purple with any other pleasing shades in your wedding and can bring a feeling of royalty, grace and youthfulness. It can also be combined with charcoal and even black resulting in glamorous and challenging look. You can further add some more beauty to it by adding some brooding floral and feathers in it.

5. Green

In today’s Eco-friendly world, what more can you ask but a soothing feeling and something which reminds us of nature. Most of the couples are preferring green nowadays as it symbolizes nature and environment. This brings freshness to our moods. Fortunately, green looks equally good in all its shades. You can use green in different shades or combine with any other color. It would add elegance and style to your wedding decor.

6. Yellow

Generally, people think twice before going for yellow, especially as part of wedding. Though, yellow signifies cheerfulness, friendship, and youth, it is also not readily accepted for the fear that its bright shade can bring gaudiness to the decoration.But your wedding planner can really help, if you love this color by making a very balanced combination with other colors. Yellow can prove to be stylish and praise worthy, if chosen carefully and combined with an appropriate color. Be careful not to mix black with yellow as it is often treated as evil and negative in western culture.

7. Orange

Orange can boost your energy and bring in vivacious mood in the celebration. It denotes excitement and joy. It is also considered as one of most attention grabbing color and represents excitement and memorable moments. However, in western culture orange color is also associated with Halloween (mixed with black) but people also love to wear this color on wedding ceremonies. Hence, you can carefully mix it with some other equally pleasing color and put orange in the background to keep up the spirits.

8. Gray

Gray is rarely used for weddings but conservative tradition and formality is deep within it. It also denotes emotional neutrality . However, if you are a a big fan of this color, best way is consult your wedding planner. They are experimenting with gray and proving that this is no less vibrant and exciting as any other color. You can perhaps mix this with a more vibrant color like red to generate the joyous mood.

9. Brown

Brown is considered more masculine. In today’s times, this represents mother Earth and nature. It brings in more homely and simplicity feelings. The color also symbolizes confidence and stability. if we see chocolate brown, then we might startled with the fact that chocolate brown is cornerstone to most of today’s weddings. The color makes a great combination with aqua and mint green color.

10. Blue

Blue is the safest color as it not only looks elegant but also mixes well with any other color. Blue generally signifies calmness, serenity, and devotion. It reminds us of water and sea and is ideal for beach weddings.Be it any color or combination of colors you choose, be wise to bring an ambiance of excitement blended with happy sentiments.

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