Wedding Convention Turned On Roller Skates

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Fan Wenyu (groom) and Zhang Ling (bride) rolled on roller skates on their wedding day. The couple was fully dressed and in that formal dress with roller skates, they paraded around their neighborhood along with their friends.

Actually, they decided to opt for roller skates because they met each other because of roller-skating, so they decided to celebrate their wedding in this way. The trendsetter couple is from Beijing’s Tiantongyuan community.

Bride (Zhang Ling) worked at a roller-skating rink, which was run by Fan Wenyu (groom) and there they fell in for each other.
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The wedding parade was carried out with great pomp and show. Everyone tied ribbons on their arms and colorful balloons on their backpacks to add more wedding flavor to the ceremony.

I think now even you might be thinking where you met your beloved and planning to celebrate you special day with the tinge of your first meeting. This is a great idea to change the conventions and make your wedding a real fun for all.

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