How to make a wedding favor box

You can avoid the noisy cellophane wrappers and the fussy ribbons by making your own wedding favor boxes which are both stylish and elegant. It can also save money which can be used for reception. By making the boxes yourself, you are able to control both the contents as well as the looks of the boxes. The printer paper is too filmsy for this type of craft and therefore you must use the heavy card stocks which are available at the speciality paper stores. You can also select the favorite treats for the guests. The boxes are very simple to design and you can make all the favors required for the wedding yourself. You can make the boxes at home in almost no time and can design a number of boxes which can cover your whole guest list. Since no substancial investment is required, the boxes can be made at very low cost without over-straining the budget. You will be able to save both time and money and would be able to stuff the boxes with the articles of your choice.

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 4 to 8 hours

Resources required:

1. Scissors

2. Knife

3. Cardstock

4. Printer

5. Ribbon

6. Black pen

7. Chocolates and other treats


1. For testing the template you can place a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch cardstock into the printer. Chica and Joe or Style Me Pretty provide the free favor box template which are available on online websites. The test can be printed out. After being convinced and satisfied you can have as many prints as you like.

2..Use sharp scissors or knife for cutting out the box. Pay attention while using the scissors and only cut along the solid lines where the scissor icon is located.

3. At the dotted lines which show the indication for folding the box, a ruler can be placed. The folding lines can be scored by using the bone scorer. This will allow you you to fold the heavy paper easily.

4. Follow the template instructions and fold the box after removing the bone scorer and the ruler. The box can be filled with chocolates and treats which you have chosen for the wedding guests.

5. Close the box carefully

6. From the bottom, wrap the box with a 1/2 inch ribbon which folds around the whole box. After tying a bow at the top of the box, you can cut of the excess ribbons by using the scissors.

7. You can ink the stamp by pressing a 3/4 inch heart rubber stamp on a red ink stamp pad. Now you can stamp the top most center of a 3 1/8by 1 1/2 inch wedding favor tag which must be blank. Write ‘thank you’ under the heart and use a black calligraphy pen for this purpose. This will make a simple favor tag. Write the names and wedding date on the other side of the box when the ink dries.

Frequently asked questions

Is making of the wedding favors box a difficult process?

You can make the wedding favors box easily at home by following the above given steps.

How to write messages in an attractive way on the box?

You can practice calligraphy before actually writhing on the box.

How to wrap the goodies and favors inside the box ?

The favors and goodies inside the box can be wrapped by using a tissue paper.

Quick tips

1. For wrapping the favors inside the box, you can use a simple tissue paper.

2. The box can be secured by using a 1 inch round sticker or a self stick velcro dot and the ribbon can be avoided.

3. The other favorite favor ideas include candles, heart shaped paper weights and votive candles.

Things to watch out for

1. While using the scissors and knife, apply caution.

2. Not all templates are provided with patterns, therefore chose your template carefully.

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