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Everyone likes and wants his/her wedding to be a beautiful and a perfect affair. A fine weather ceremony with some dozen attendants, around 400 guests, a sitting & lavish dinner, not to forget bar arrangements and the decor. Great and so, the wedding insurance is just perfect for you. Why do you need it? Keep counting the reasons stated below.

Wedding insurance is certainly the need of the day, as it will cover all of your losses from bad weather to airport delays, sudden illness to some family problem and stuff. Most of the insurance policies also cover the extra cost of finding a last-minute caterer to feed your guests or a decorator, when you get to know at the twelfth hour that the decorator is out of town and not coming back. These days most of the companies, especially the biggies have included wedding insurance as one of their schemes.

And why not, the trend of big marriages has given way to rise in costs of marriages. According to the Conde Nast Bridal Group, the average amount spent on a wedding in 2006 was $27, 852. And do you know, nearly 36% of couples end up spending more then what they have planned. Insurance policies depend on the size of your wedding and the level of coverage you purchase.


*Liability. This will protect you from lawsuits if a guest, in a drunken or excited state, slips and falls. That can be an amusing sight for your guests, but definitely not you.

*Sudden death or illness. Any illness or sudden death in the family, will obviously force you to postpone your wedding day. Too sad! But, don’t the costs of the non-refundable deposits.

*Lost or damaged wedding dresses. The boutique from where you ordered your wedding dress is closed from days now, and you are all in panic. Or they have, not made your dress, instead of an order placed days ago? But, with the insurance covering your another dress costs, you can relax and take a deep breath.

*Photograph/ Videos mishaps. Your most memorable experiences are preserved for a lifetime through photographs and videos. But have you got the right man to do the job? Are all of them, to your surprise and shock, out of focus, or shooting some one else? The insurance will provide you a chance to call for a wedding party again and retake and remake the photos and the videos. How cool is that, a second chance!

*Stolen/damaged wedding gifts.
Gifts got damaged while shifting or some of the attendants stole them, the insurance is right there for your rescue.


Decision changed. After your engagement with Thomas and the wedding preparations all done, you out f the blue have decided to marry Nick, your cute, blue eyed best friend, you are definitely in for a big loss. The insurance doesn’t cover the conditions of runaway brides or reluctant grooms. It only covers inevitable events. So, you better keep a check on your heart.

Pre-existing medical conditions. If the postponement of the wedding is inevitable because of a pre-existing medical condition, the insurance won’t provide for you.
So, when you think you are prepared for marriage, make sure you are prepared for the insurance too.

Source: USAtoday

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