Wedding Party Favor

hi, i need some suggestions on wedding favors. i have tried to maintain an eco-friendly statement throughout my wedding preparations. i have even opted for an eco-friendly obviously, wen it comes to favors i’ll like them to be eco-friendly too. can anyone suggest me gifts which are made of renewable stuffs or are eco-friendly. its a bit difficult to find such stuff in the market. and wadever is available doesnt have much of a variety. can anybody suggest me any website where they sell nice ‘green’ goodies. . 

i think bamboo and organic boxes look chic enough but i am unable to find any such shop which sells gud quality bamboo or organic products. thats why i have opted for website. my friends tell me you can always find great variety online, all u need is a good website. dats y am here.. since i dun really have ideas abt such sites, i request all f u out dere to come forward and guide me. thanx!!

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