Wedding theme ideas worth trying

Like any other wedding gesture and responsibility, Wedding themes also play an indispensable part in a ceremony. A wedding being themed on an apposite idea is likely to remain more in the memories than usual. A perfect theme embraces proper arrangements of food, clothing, gifts and the decorations. Every bit of the wedding ceremony then is encircled and clouded with the chosen theme. One can pick a theme complimenting their culture, rituals choice and suitability. It is often advised not to follow the blind norms of a theme; rather they should plan everything according to their convenience and preferences, to avoid any further fuss. Depending upon the innovative and creative streak, one can experiment and play on with different wedding themes and transform the wedding into a long-lasting memorable affair:
Read on for an interesting list of wedding themes worth a try:

Travel theme

If you love travelling and your spouse is equally interested in the same, then you can plan your whole wedding in a travel theme style. It will not only give your wedding an unusual innovative look but will also lend your ceremony an ecstatic look. You will have to then decide on the main element of travel for your wedding. You can pick a particular destination and you can modulate the theme accordingly. Incorporate the theme into all the arrangements from invitations to wedding gifts. This will give you wedding a inimitable and unique look.

Victorian Vintage Thme

Do you love the idea of a wedding surrounded with vintage look and appearances? If yes then you can go for this beautiful rustic theme of Victorian vintage style. This era was one of the most romantic and elegant of all times. They can be a wonderful option to pick for an event like marriage. For this you can pick a beautiful garden setting or area; you can also design the wedding décor inside a mansion or an inn or a church. Pick pieces which look classy and elegant and have that vintage feel to them. Fabrics chosen should be velvets, damasks and needlepoints, and the most popular colors include eggplant, bottle-green and red.

Starry Starry Night theme

Grab the essence of a celestial marriage into your ceremony with this intriguing starry night theme. Pick and choose the designs that will suit it the best and can compliment the ambiance and surrounding of a starry night theme. One can select blue or black paper to decorate the whole location and can choose the gold color for the writing and highlighting part of décor. The invitations can also have that bling of the starry theme and the color combination can also depict the brightness and luster of a starry night theme.

Rock theme

If you and your spouse are a rock lover couple then this theme will interest you the most. The theme can incorporate three different zone’s- punk rock, glam rock and rock and rock n roll theme. One can even imagine themselves walking down the aisle to a coldplay’s ‘yellow’ and dancing to the tunes of the police song. This will completely break the monotony of a traditional wedding and will give your wedding a new punk look. The main colors are ought to be black and white; and the accessories and the décor should complement them too. You can also mix and match the ensemble with a black suit and converse sneakers.

Winter Wonderland theme

If you plan to exchange the vows in the most romantic season, i.e. winters, then you are sure to make your wedding more memorable than usual. With snowflakes and sparkling crystals floating on your body and the décor, the wedding gets its ambiance and best surroundings. For the occasion you can pick winter wedding flowers and centerpieces that goes eith the winter theme. Think more of crystals and pure white hues, so that you can bestow it a wonderland theme as well. Try and cover the whole wedding location with the crystal decoration and icy décor.

Spring theme

One of the exotic and bright themes of all time is the- springs’. This is a theme which has all the bright shades and hues. In this wedding theme, you can pick more of the pastel shades and can decorate the ceremony with these flamboyant bright colors. You can also integrate two or more colors to the wedding theme such as pinks, oranges and deep purples. One thing that you need to keep in mind is to not choose the colors which come into the fall winter category because it will then distract the whole spring theme with other themes.

Pirate theme

If you are a person who has always been daring and confident enough to experiment with themes and occasions, then this theme belongs to you. The adventurous pirate theme has got it unique charm and gleam. You can incorporate and include the characterization from the “the pirates of the Caribbean” movie. There are dozens of stores that specialize on the pirate theme products. You can keep the food table a bit messy because it’s all about the pirate gesture and theme. You can also put treasure chits on the table just to make the wedding affair more interesting.

Sports Theme

Celebrations can become more fun and interesting, if you design your wedding in a sport theme style. The theme is fun and outgoing and it can explore the fun side of the couple an guests present in the ceremony. Incorporate the sport theme in the invitations, décor, favors, cake design and food choices. The sport theme can vary from look to look; because of the sport choice you will pick you will choose for your wedding. there is a sport variety to pick from the long list of sports.

Rose theme

Having a rose themed wedding is something which would enlighten everyone’s mood at the ceremony. The aroma of roses is enough to let you have the wedding you desire. There are a number of stunning colors; Red of course being the most dominant color would allow you to decorate the wedding venue is the most exclusive ways. Roses, depending on the way they have been used to decorate the area can give out an official or an informal ambiance. You could have a stunning romantic setting too if you choose too if you desire

Romantic whimsical theme

Champagne, candles and a beautiful fragranced aura all round, the setting looks perfect for a romantic whimsical themed wedding. One can pick form a wide variety of soft colors that exhibits soothe and elegance. The décor of the wedding should close to a fairytale saga and something that can touch heart in the first look. Candles, flowers pearls and even large sized bows would make up to this beautiful theme. The ambiance should look romantic and as well as harmonic. The love factor should pop in form the theme with the décor in sync with the couple choices and beliefs. The usage of butterflies, birds and lady bugs entails a whimsical and calm environment all around.

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