What to Expect When You’re About to Tie the Knot?

What to Expect When You’re About to Tie the Knot

According to the UK Wedding Industry Statistics, 61% of couples said that they decided to get married in a civil ceremony, while 20% chose a hotel for their special event. This was followed by 18% who got married at a manor house or country estate. A deeper understanding of wedding propriety can help the couple and their wedding party to understand what will ensue on the day you tie the knot, say experts at Holiday Inn Luton South, the highly reputed hotel brand and leading provider of wedding venues in Luton.

I Do

father of the bride speech

Tradition has it that the prospective groom asks the bride’s father for permission. While the notion that women are “property” of men is old-fashioned and outdated, many families still expect this small tradition. If you are a same-sex couple, and you plan to pop the question, then similar rules apply.

Footing the Bill

Many couples now pay most of the cost of their weddings themselves with small contributions from their families. Traditionally, the bride’s family would pay for the wedding reception, including the venues, food and drink, whether in Luton or any other town in England. The celebrations were much more ornate, with elaborately decorated wedding halls.

Since the couple now foots the bill, they typically opt for wedding reception venues in Luton that spell value for money and create the perfect balance between elegance and extravagance.

The Guest List


Planning the guest list is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning and as a rule, you tend to invite long-term partners, but if your budget does not allow it, then you can only invite partners who you have met and with whom you have a friendly relationship. If your guests have not responded, you should follow them up as their answer may have been lost by mail, or they think they have responded and in fact, have not.

Statistics reveal that the average couple in the UK invite around 100 guests to their wedding. This means the wedding halls chosen must be able to accommodate that many people. A number of wedding reception venues in Luton have multiple event rooms that are ideal for hosting ceremonies and dinner, and even offer complimentary parking for over 300 cars.

What’s the Dress Code?

If there is no dress code on the wedding invitation, treat the big day as a formal occasion. Around 74% of brides in the UK reported wearing either white or ivory as the primary color of their dress.  Some brides do not mind a guest wearing whites. Pink is the next popular wedding color in the UK.

Think Before You Post!

congratulate a couple on social media

If you want to congratulate a couple you know on social media, stop and make sure they’ve already posted the news themselves. The couple may indicate that they do not want to post on social media, so, respect that. Alternatively, if you’ve promoted social media contributions and created a hashtag, you can opt for it.

If you need help choosing the perfect venue for your wedding, whether it is a small intimate gathering or a large celebration, contact a full-service hotel chain that has wedding halls in Luton. Such reception venues will cater to all your needs and make your big day even more special.

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