Why is it important to hire wedding planner and designer

Weddings are an event that is somewhat of a preoccupation with people all over the world. We can’t just let go of weddings, we just have to design and re-design them, even if just for the sake of it. We incorporate new and newer trends each and every year, and the very next year, they suddenly go out of vogue, in spite of them being perfectly feasible. The newest trends in the wedding market can be enumerated as given.


Gone are the days when you would have to conform yourself to the suggestions of the wedding planner and designer. Nowadays the to-be-wed couple are getting o air their views more and more, and that is what the planner is going to plan according to. It is a whole new world of global warming and the apocalypse. In such a scenario, even weddings, no matter how important an event it may be, cannot be allowed to spread pollution. That is the trend with newly marries couples, where even with their wedding, they are keeping an eye on the fact that not too much is being done to harm nature. Recyclable wedding cards, and recycled rings, themes that bring one close to nature, these are the major theme trends that are running wild all around the modern world of weddings.

A certain degree of importance is being given to localisation, which is to say the pre-dominance of locally available foods and items in favor of foods that have to be transported from somewhere else. This also helps the guests from faraway regions to get somewhat acquainted with the local region.


When it comes to dresses, two trend are somewhat regaining prominence. The first one is the return of the long sleeved gown, in favor of the more trendy sleeveless ones. The second is the new trend of colors being incorporated into the wedding dress and those of the bridesmaids. Soft pastel shades are the newest trends in not just wedding dresses, but even other aspects of life as well.


When it comes to food, it is quite noticeable that people are no longer going in for the traditional wedding cake and the normal dinner course any longer. Nowadays, people are actually opting for such food as pizzas and burgers, in favor of a traditional four-course dinner service. Even the cake is being replaced by tarts and such other desserts which can mitigate the cost and yet at the same time act as a comfortable alternative.

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