Woman’s wedding ring snatched off the finger in Deerfield

It is rather strange that there are some real assholes in this world who can stoop so low. A very recent incident has proved this near the independent court in Deerfield Beach.

This elderly couple was robbed off by two men who identified themselves as roof fixer when the 76 year old man met them while he was taking his step towards his home.

The man was not convinced at first but at last agreed to walk along with them till the building’s end where they were joined by a female member of the gang, while one headed towards the front of house.

The 68 yrs old lady after hearing a loud bang on the door opened it to get the shock of her life. She tried to call yup for help but was warned with a pair of scissors. Those jerks took away her wedding ring and threatened for more money. The intruders then asked her to stay inside and warned that they would slay her husband down if she tries to make any sort of noise.

The residents are warned by the Sheriff of this gang of robbers and have announced cash reward too.

Miami Herald

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