Tips to cut down the wedding cost

1.Plan for an off-season wedding. The wedding season generally is in the peak during the month of December till April. So it is better to chart it out in some other months.

2.Check out the weather before planning the wedding.

3.Check out for hotel and resorts that offers discounts.

4.Visit the travel agent before you actually book up any out station location.

5.Contrast and compare the price online before hiring any service provider.

6.Negotiate before making any deal with the providers.

7.If possible settle down for local flower shops instead of some designer stuff. You can get good stuff if you do a thorough research.

8.Plan your wedding almost a year ahead of the actual day. This will really help you in managing the finance.

9.Go for discount wedding dresses rather than spending more on designer labels.

10.Seek advice from your friends too, if you think you need some real help.

Wedding Guide

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