Wonderful hairstyle for the perfect wedding

Wedding is the most special day of any woman’s life. The perfect dress, the perfect hairstyle, and the perfect make up are what worry the bride most. Hairstyles if accessorized perfectly can give you the unique and beautiful hairstyle for your D-day. Following are a few hairstyles you can try for your wedding.


Boho Down-do

Theme or the place of the wedding does not need to be beach to get your hair styled the Boho way. This loose, wavelike hairstyle flows gently through your back like a waterfall. If you are not comfortable to let loose your complete hair then, you can clamp pins in the hair to the upper hair. This gives it a two-layered appearance. This style keeps the hair away from your face and makes them look longer.


Root Lift

High hair not only looks gorgeous but flamboyant too. This style compliments the gown perfectly making the combination look beautiful and royal. A root lift product perfectly massaged into the roots of the hair and blow-drying it in the upward direction (opposite from the root) will get you the perfect root lift style. If you hair is limp then, you can do some backcombing. However, make sure you do not damage the hair much.


Classic up-do

This hairstyle differs from ballerina bun to the chignon. These hairstyles match with any dress theme and are easier and simpler to style. The chignon is eccentric and fanciful while the bun looks more sophisticated and royal. The bun should be located at a height of the crown of the head. This makes it look more grand and classy.


Short and Sophisticated

This one suits the short hair, as there is not much option when it comes to hairstyling for the wedding dress. The reason for this is also that short hair itself is a statement hairstyle and looks bold and beautiful. Once can accessorize short hair with lovely and elegant headbands or hair clips. This will surely add on to the look of the hair.



For the brides who are not comfortable wearing a wedding veil, this is a good option. Varieties of beautiful hair accessories are available in the market these days. For example, head wraps, which come in two styles, embroidered and net, feather clips that give a lovely old traditional look, an ethnic birdcage or a floral headband or clip for the perfect beach side wedding.


Hairstyle must compliment your dress and the theme of your wedding. A few trials can help you decide the perfect one for you.

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