Essential items to include in your wedding checklist

Wedding is that phase of life, which involves a mixture of emotions like happiness, restlessness, stress etc. One tends to forget many things on the to-do list, even after taking plenty of time to prepare himself/herself. This might panic you; however, here are some essentials needed during wedding that you should keep in mind.



These lovely objects made of crystal surely add a lot of beauty element to the couple and the photographs clicked. Make sure them to place strategically, so that they are not misplaced or forgotten during or after the wedding. This should definitely be a part of your checklist.



These are important, as you cannot depend on your oratory skills or public speaking skills, especially when you would the centre of everyone’s attention. Hence, it is necessary to keep in mind to assign this task to someone, so that he/she hold it for you. You can assign this task to the groom, the best lady/man or Maid of Honor. After all, these mark the moment of the existence or beginning of your marriage.



This might be basic and easy to remember; however, many still forget to buy the best lingerie for their wedding. How about matching it with your wedding dress? Won’t it make you feel confident? Get the best, sexy lace lingerie that suits your wedding dress and compliments it. Ensure that you keep them with your wedding dress the night before to avoid getting them misplaced or forgetting in a hurry.



Wedding is the most precious day of your life. You should plan and execute it as per your favorite objects and interests. Play the right music to keep you excited and entertain the guests as well. If the wedding gets delayed, guests might losing patience or interest. Making a play list or discussing with the DJ about the best music that will compliment the theme of your wedding is important. This will keep the ambience vibrant.



These can be anything from a colorful paper blaster shoots when the rings are exchanged or the just married poster that must pop up after the vows are taken. Get the right props for the right moment to mark its importance. These not only add color and excitement to the event but also enhance the pictures. Personalizing them can also be a surprise element for your partner.


Here is essential checklist for your wedding. Make sure you have all these checked before the D-day.

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