Would you go 500-feet underground to get married?


500 feet underground wedding 49

I don’t think, to prove your love you have to go 500ft. below ground. I’m not talking about my courtship but the marriage of this couple, who went 500ft. down to get married in a cave deep within the Llechwedd mine in North Wales.

edding in 500ft cave 49

Kerry Bevan (bride) and Wayne Davies (groom) wanted to do something unusual for their big day – therefore, they spent £560 (around $1,126) to hire this mine as their wedding chamber. Kerry was in her traditional white bridal gown (costing $1,407 approximately) and Wayne was in his smart morning suit but they had to put on hard hats and wellington boots.

500ft wedding 49

The journey upto the aisle started with eight-hundred metre ride through tunnels and caverns on the old battery-electric locomotive Miners Tramway. Wedding included only fifteen guests in the middle of them their two sons were also present.

Source: thisislondon

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