Yippee!!! Here comes a timess design £60 Wedding Gown

carolina herrera wedding dressAccording to a recent survey, it has been revealed that the minimum cost for a wedding outfit has reached to £826, which has become increasingly difficult for the average budget couples to afford such a hike. Most of the couples are knee-deep in debt due to such a rise.

Well good new for all the brides, now you need not cry to have a great outfit for your special day. ASDA has come up with a gown that will cost you just £60.

The gown is made up of flowing silk with a fitted bodice and if you get this from a boutique or any wedding showroom, you will at least end up spending £1,000.

This dress is quite similar to the one designed by Carolina Herrera for the Caribbean Wedding of the famous Actress Renee Zellweger.

Now all the brides need not just dream to have a dress like that but actually wear it coz £60 wedding gowns is soon gonna be launched in George Bridal Collection.

As said by Angela Spindler, managing director of George Global, the step was taken to slash down the heavy price being paid by the average couple. The dress is kept very simple and can further be customized by the bride by adorning it with beading or lace.


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