Zeta Jones spotted with wedding ring amidst nuptial turmoil

Catherine Zeta-Jones, as we all know is a Welsh performing artist and is best known for being a top grade actress. She started out in her vocation in the field of dramatics on stage at an early age. In the wake of features in various British and American TV movies and minor parts in different kinds of Hollywood movies, she rose to fame and established her position in the industry as an upcoming actress with parts in Hollywood films incorporating The Mask of Zorro in 1998 and the 1999 thriller film Entrapment. Both of these films were hits in the box office and brought her to the attention of the public eye.


Jones was born in Welsh to a family of actors and even her brothers have followed same in certain endeavors in the filming industry.  Her father was a renowned actor in his time and her two brothers are also involved in the entertainment industry. One of her brothers is a producer and the other is a stunt man. Having been into the glamour industry from  young age with numerous theater and stage musical performances, it was almost written in stone that the Welsh beauty would become a leading actress of her time.

She still wears the wedding ring

One of the most defining moments in her personal life came in the year 2000. It was then that Zeta Jones was courted by and subsequently married actor Michael Douglas. The two were introduced in 1998 by common friend Danny DeVito when they were in France for a film festival. They got married in 2000 and have since given birth to two beautiful children. Recently however, news began to circulate in the entertainment world that the couple were nearing separation. These rumors stemmed from paparazzi reports that indicated that the couple were living separately and were considering separation.


In a recent Gala ceremony, Jones appeared in a ravishing gray metallic gown and she looked absolutely stunning. The 44 year old has managed to maintain her flawless beauty and has grown gracefully with age. One of the startling things that the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of was the fact that she still wore her wedding ring to the event, even though she appeared alone. She has also quoted that the couple is taking some time off from their relationship and are contemplating certain issues that they are trying to work around. They are also not too hasty in getting divorced.

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