Awesome celebrity wedding hairstyles of all times

The hair styles of brides are always the matter of interest to the people coming for the wedding and to the brides too. Brides are always very concerned about the type of hair style to do on their wedding day. Wedding brides are the one of the best sources of dream wedding beauty inspirations. Celebrities try to make different hair styles and look unique for their wedding. There are various types of celebrity hairstyles that can influence you to try them on your wedding day or any other special occasion. Here are 10 awesome celebrity wedding hairstyles of all times:

1. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the stylish celebrity icon. The way she looked on her wedding day was just amazing. She has hairstylist Richard Ward and James Pryce to create a classic half-up style to look great on her diamond Cartier tiara. Her strands of hair were pulled backwards from each side of her face and then they were tucked into a bun and dubbed in a demi-chignon. All the rest of the tresses were worn downwards in long cascading curls. Her hairstyle just looked fabulous on her dress and she looked beautiful with that simple yet elegant hairstyle.

2. Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford

Candice Crawford married to tony Romo in Dallas. On her wedding day, Candice wore her hair in a romantic and sleek upon. Her side swept created a side part and the locks were curled. These were then weaved together and pinned into a perfect and beautiful bun. For that extra touch, a jeweled hair pin was placed to complete her look and give the best look to her for the most precious day of her life.

3. Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss made a simple and smart hairstyle for her wedding. She chose a hairstyle which was made in combination with touches of romance and vintage for her country wedding. She is married to Jamie Hince. Hairstylist Sam McKnight styled her blonde locks in perfect tousled waves. At the end, a stunning Juliet style veil which was made with a woven lace and sequins was used to complete the perfect hair style. She looked perfect and a beautiful bride on her wedding day.

4. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, the beautiful and elegant girl wore her hair in a quiet simple way. She wore her hair in a high tousled voluminous bun at her Montecito wedding. She got married to Mike Comrie. She looked sophisticated and elegant on her wedding.

5. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson the beautiful lady wore her hair in soft and romantic curls on her wedding day. She got married to Hank Baskett. One of the strands of her hair was twisted from each side and then pinned in the back underneath her veil. She carried the hairstyle in the beautiful way and looks fabulous with the overall look.

6. Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush look beautiful with that simple and elegant hairstyle. She simply wore her hair pulled back in a loose-up swept chignon. Her hair was gathered near the nape of her neck and then they all were pinned together on the back with a few loose strands in the front side.

7. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson got married to Nick Lachey. Jessica wore her hair down and wavy for her wedding day. She left some delicate strands which were pulled away from her face and then clipped back with an antique Van Cleef brooch. Her hair stylist for her wedding day was Ken Paves.

8. Molly Maloney

Molly Maloney

Molly got married to Jason Mesnick. Heavy rains messed up her wedding day. But, her hair stylish Ken paves helped to keep her messy bun in place. She simply wore her hair up at the crown of her head. The pieces were pulled outwards from the bun which gave her a disheveled look. Few strands of her hair were pulled down from each side of face and a diamond clip completed her perfect look.

9. Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca got married to Jerry O’ Connell. Rebecca appointed Davy Mewkirk for styling her hair on her wedding day. He set big curls which created romantic waves. He fastened the sections of hair at her neck which gave her different look. He later pinned two white roses to the back with bobby pins. She looked beautiful and elegant with that simple yet different hair style.

10. Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush

Jenna Bush wore her hair in loose waves for her wedding day. She left strands on each side of face and pulled them back with little twisted on the starting part. On the back side, her hair were pinned with bobby pins with few white flowers.

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