Budget tips for buying an engagement ring

Engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is a special occasion and needs a huge investment. Since most of you will be doing it for the first time, you may not be experienced to get a perfect ring. You may need to consider various factors before deciding the final piece. Here are 10 budget tips for buying an engagement ring.

1. Decide the budget

The first thing to do before shopping is to have a clear idea about the budget. Set the budget and stick to it. Sometimes, the salesperson will lead you to think that the amount you spend will reflect your love making you to spend more. Avoid such conditions and keep the amount fixed according to how much you can afford. The general rule is to spend your two months’ salary. This is the best amount to start. Then you can add according to how much you can actually afford without creating a burden.

2. Be attentive

Since you have to make a lot of choices regarding the shape, size, color, material etc, be very attentive while shopping. You may have to choose between various metals like gold, silver, platinum etc. The design is also very important. You should be aware of the kind of jewelry your partner uses. If she wears silver jewelry, then choose a platinum ring. If she prefers the yellow metal then gold is the best.

3. Stone is a good choice

Some people shop for the stone separately after knowing the favorite precious stone of the sweetheart. Instead of going for the preset variety this is one of the best options for your special day. The stones come in various shapes and sizes. If you prefer diamonds you have to know more purchasing real diamonds. Other precious stones are also equally good. What you finally choose depends on the budget.

4. Select the setting

Once you choose the precious stone, select the setting. You can choose from simple solitaire setting or go for a filigree work. Other models may have more side stones and various other details. The material for the setting can be platinum, gold, white gold, rose gold or titanium.

5. Stretch your budget

Sometimes you may have to stretch your budget to the maximum if your love has set her eyes on large diamonds. This can be quite difficult with your two months’ salary. During such times you can think of choosing the precious stones in a slightly different way. Choose a stone that is the next low carat level and bigger in size. There may not be much difference but it can surely brighten your sweetheart’s face. Similarly, use white gold in place of platinum.

6. Take a friend along

While shopping for the ring it is better to take a friend along. Some places may have too many choices and make it very hard for selection. Your friend will be able to help you. But remember the person should have some kind of refined taste and be interested in the shopping. Or else, you may end up buying the wrong engagement ring.

7. Bring your sweetheart if possible

The best idea is to take your sweetheart along for the shopping. However, you will not be able to maintain the element of surprise for the special occasion. But you can be sure that she likes what you bought.

8. Go to a quality jeweler

The bet place to shop for your engagement ring is from a quality and reputed jeweler. You can be sure about the quality of the materials purchased. Since you will be spending your hard earned money it has to be spent in the right way. Ensure that the showroom is accredited by the Jewelers of America or a member of GIA or the Gemological Institute of America. Check the return policy also in case you need to return it for some reason.

9. Plan well

If you want to get the perfect ring you need to plan well ahead of the shopping. Just walking in to the showroom and purchasing an engagement ring may not be very easy as you think. If required you can also custom make the ring according to your choice. All these may take some time. So plan ahead and buy the ring properly.

10. Get in writing

While buying the precious jewel get the certificate of quality in writing. If the ring has a diamonds then you need to get the diamond grading report from the American Gem Society or the GIA. It should include the details about the 4 Cs, cut, color, clarity and carat. It should also have the details about the size and shape. Get the ring insured as well for additional protection.

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