Serving tips for a wedding cake

Serving the wedding cake

The wedding cake is the highlight of a wedding party. This time-honored tradition provides a special delight to the guests at the party. The cake has to be decorated according to the wedding theme. As it will appear in many photographs also, see to it that you get the best wedding cake for your special day. Choosing the type of cake you need depends on the personal taste and choice of the couple. Choose a unique design so that it gets a special attention from all the guests.

Serving the wedding cake is also an important aspect of the wedding. If the bride and the groom know how to cut and serve the cake to the guests, they can save a lot of money by avoiding the catering staff. There is a special way in which you have to slice the cake. It is an art in itself. Once you cut it well you can easily serve your guests. Read further to find out a few serving tips for a wedding cake.

1. The first thing to do is to cut the ceremonial slice first. Let the photographs be taken according. Then feed each other. The photographs will be taken for this too. Most often the photographer may direct you to stand in the right positions.

2. Next is to prepare the cake for cutting the rest of the part. Some cakes have a lot of other decorative items that may not be edible. So remove them first. You can either keep the decorations or discard them according to your needs.

3. Some cakes are baked in different tiers. If the cake has many tiers, you have to separate them for cutting. Otherwise, you can begin the cutting from the top most layer.

4. Cut the tiers of cake in to long pieces of two inches each. If the cake is round you can cut it into concentric circles. The square cakes are easier to cut because you can easily cut them into long and equal pieces.

5. In order to cut properly, dip the knife in water and wipe it with a dry cloth in between the cuts. You will be able to get even and smooth slices. Use towels often to avoid the smearing of icing and sticking crumbs on the knife.

6. After you finish cutting all the tiers of the cake into two-inch long strips, you have to cut each individual slice into one inch wide pieces. If there are wider slices you can make them thinner. You should also ensure that you have enough cake for all the guests.

7. When you are cutting the slices into one inch wide pieces, dip the knife in cold water frequently. You will get smooth and neat pieces without smearing the icing or forming crumbs.

8. The next thing to do is to place the pieces on individual serving dessert plates. Place the widest slide down for the stability of the pieces.

9. If you have an assistant beside, take his help. After placing the cake pieces in the dessert plates, hand them over to the assistant so that he can distribute them to the guests around.

10. Follow the above guidelines and keep cutting the cake till the last bit. Place the bits on the plates and keep giving them to the assistant to cover all the guests. Sometimes you may also have some guests coming up for a second piece. You can give them another plate with a slice of your wedding cake.

Tips to remember:

Cutting your wedding cake can be a complex procedure. But if you follow the above given guidelines, your task will be easier and you will be able to serve your guests without tiring. If you want to make the cutting easier, you can plan the design of the cake in such a way that it is easier to cut. Ask your baker to make the decoration in a symmetrical manner with divisions of one inch width. Do not forget to thank and greet your guests while serving the wedding cake. As you will be serving them individually, it is the best chance to meet all of them in person. So, take the opportunity to greet and thank them for their gracious presence.

The wedding cake should be placed in a comfortable position and a table that has enough space for cutting and serving. If the table is small you may face a lot of problems due to inconvenience. If your wedding cake is thick and creamy you can keep a few more knives ready. Cutting such cakes can be quite messy making it very uncomfortable to hold the messy knife. Use another knife each time you feel so. The pieces will look better as well. Avoid licking your fingers while cutting the cake. Keep some dry towels or napkins handy to wipe your fingers if required. Before serving the guests you can also inform them about the type of cake to avoid complications due to some kind of food allergies.

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