Tips to survive first dance

The first dance

Wedding is never complete without the first dance. It is the time when bride and groom come closer in each other’s embrace and sway with the music to start their lovely married life. People have lot of expectations with the first dance. It is a big concern for couples who do not know dancing. Synchronization with music can become very uncomfortable in such cases. However, if you have decided to have your first dance, you can follow these tips to prevent it from making it a major disaster.

1. Plan your dance

The first step is to plan the dance. You should ask your partner and select a dance form keeping both of you in mind. You need to remember wedding dance is a couple’s dance, so if your partner is not comfortable then it will ruin the whole event.

2. Learn some moves

Dancing is an art. Many of us do not have a mastery on dancing. Therefore, learning from someone who can, is not a matter of shame. You can hire a professional choreographer to learn some move that you both can perform. These choreographers handle all kinds of dancers. He will be able to teach you some moves that you both can perform easily. However, these choreographers are costly to hire but are worth every penny.

3. Select the song

Selection of song is an important ritual in dancing. You need to start with more number of songs that you both can relate and dance. You need to consult your choreographer to select the easiest one for you. You need to remember that wedding dance is about the couple not about the guests. Selection of the correct song is like winning half the dance battle.

4. Dance for a short time

Wedding events are very tiring and takes a toll on your body. Therefore, do not go for a lengthy dance number. A lengthy dance number will wear you out. The wedding dance should be fun not for showing how much you know as nobody remembers the length of the dance. However, they will surely remember how many mistakes you made dancing that routine. You can ask your wedding DJ to cut short the music and invite other dancers to the stage.

5. Use the perfect dancing environment

Dance is not all about moves; it includes the ambiance too. You need to have sufficient space to dance. Installing a dance floor can also boost up your dancing spirit. Moreover, when you both finish your first dance, the other guests may have a good time with it. Dancing in confined space can be a catastrophe that you should always avoid.

6. Select the perfect beats

Do not go for some high beat version of the song. Ask your DJ not to include his beats while your song is in motion. Dancing with high beats need extreme perfection. Therefore, without the practice, your DJ may ruin the dance. So give him the CD of the song and ask him to play the version that you have practiced.

7. Know the dance well

You need to understand the requirement of dance. If the dance is of high music, you should bring a good sound and light system. Clothes are another thing that you should always keep in mind. You need to know that dancing tango or salsa can be very tough with your wedding dress. You need to go for those steps only which will not strain up your clothes. Practicing a dance in casual and dancing in actual wedding attire are two different things. Therefore, you need to learn the dance knowing the form of dance and its requirements.

8. Practice it regularly

Practice brings perfection. The performance and practice are always directly proportional. More you practice the better you can perform. Practicing your dance moves has another benefit too. You can actually stay fit and agile while practicing the dance. This brings in a great amount of relaxation in your pre wedding days. Moreover, this will be the first thing you both will plan and do together, so it will surely raise your comfort level

9. Over expectation is bad

Do not expect much from the wedding dance. You may be a great dancer but you partner might not be one. Even if you both are, then also the tiredness of the long wedding process may not make it the perfect dance. However, you surely will get a lot of applause and cheer from your guests. After all, it is your wedding and they are the guests. Therefore, you should not worry much about the perfection rather think about how enjoying the event will be. This will surely reduce the stress on you and let you dance better than usual.

10. Enjoy the dance

If you are enjoying your own dance, then your first dance is a success. Do not burden yourself with doing the tough moves. You need to dance according to your comfort and enjoyment. If you forget the steps, just laugh it off. Everybody knows that you are not the dancing superstar. Therefore, enjoy the comfort of your partner’s arm and dance your first dance.

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