Most trendy bridal hairstyle trends for 2011

The bridal trends in 2011 have all drifted towards movement with some smart haircuts and stylish methods like slashed layers and others make it appear as free moving hair. From shaped fringes to delicate braids, hairstyles with a twist have dominated the scene. Voluminous hair color along with long hairstyles has also been pretty popular. When it comes to a wedding, it is very essential that everything is perfect including your hairstyle.

Start deciding much before the the wedding, which style you’d choose. Zero in on the hairstyle that is best suited to your hair length, texture and shape. Do try out different hairstyles to choose the perfect one. Presented below are some of the remarkable hairstyles of 2011 for you to choose from.

Bridal hairstyles for 2011

1. Leaving it loose and intricate

If you want to go for the natural look, leaving your hair is the best option. You could wear it down either in soft waves, in the form of curly ringlets or just simple straight. You could maybe highlight your hair’s most catchy aspect. To look a bit different, tuck your hair behind the ears or go for a slight twist.

This is the most sought after trend in 2011. Choose from the many braiding techniques; basic braid, French braid, plaits and so on. If you are inspired by the vintage era, braid the crown of the head for creating a halo effect. The various styles of getting a braid done are perfect for your wedding hairstyle.

2. Birdcage veil hairstyle

You can either have a birdcage veil up-do or keep it short. A birdcage veil on top of a stylish and beautiful up-do gives you that look which you’ll remember for ages. They are also ideal for short hair and add the chic factor to your look. With the birdcage veil hairstyles, the entire focus is on your face.

Also ponytails are a versatile hairstyle. Be it a long ponytail or a short one, it looks classy. For the bridal look, wear the ponytail high and let it hang loose on the side and thick curls flowing down your neck. You could also wear it low and the hair could be bumped at the crown to look voluminous.

3. The classic bun and Chignon hairstyle

This is a timeless style and works with almost all hair types. Wear it in tight do, with the front smoothed out. Or, maybe make it a looser bun with hair falling on the front of your face. It is a trendsetter and no matter how you wear it, you’ll look elegant.

Chignon hairstyle is a slight modification of the classic bun and gives you a look of sophistication. To get the chignon look, take all of your hair and tie it into a ponytail, now twist this ponytail into a bun and complete the look with a chignon hair piece. The chignon hair piece has been spotted on quite a few celebrities.

4. Mega and half-up volume hairstyle

This kind of look makes your look voluminous and ultra-chic. The hair is made into a bun with the swinging ends left dangling. Curl the ends of the hair with a curling iron and pull your fingers through the curls to make it looser. You could use a hair spray to get the perfect look.

Half-up is another stylish way of leaving your hair down. You need to pull the front part of your hair tightly and leave the back hair loose and flowing. Rest part of the hair can be curled into loose tendrils or you could go for a wavy look. You could either go with loose locks combination or make it more casual with the hair fully up.

5. Accessorize your hair to give textured look

To make any hairstyle look more prominent, you just have to accessorize it. Have a look at accent pieces such as clips, pins, bead, etc. The headband or scarf would make itself a focal point if used as an accessory. The most popular accessory is the wedding veil closely followed by the tiara. However, make sure that the accessory matches with your complete bridal attire.

If you are in the mood for experimentation, this textured look hairstyle works out fine. If you wish to have an edgy look, go for features such as feathering. If your hair is short, spiking the ends would suffice. Go for textured waves or add features that will give you a wind-swept appearance.

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