10 Wedding locations in New york

NYC has the best wedding destinations

Deciding on a wedding location is probably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. If the location is not suitable, then all efficient planning goes down the drain. If you have decided to get married in New York, one of the most exciting places on earth, then you are in for a big surprise. The options are so vast that you would be thoroughly confused as to where you want your intimate ceremony held. From the most expensive and glamorous locations, to the more idyllic but affordable ones, New York has a wedding spot for every couples’ tastes. We have put together the 10 best wedding venues for holding a wedding in New York. Read on and decide according to your taste and pocket.

1. The Foundry in Long Island City, Queens

The Foundry, Long Island City, Queens

The Foundry, once a 19th century metal workshop, has now been carefully restored as a dramatic space large enough to hold weddings, performances, corporate events and photo shoots. The 3000 off square foot of cavernous space has been maintained in such a way that the industrial interiors and general flavor still oozes out that old world charm. Exposed brick exteriors, arched door ways, steel railing and 40 foot high ceilings combined with modern amenities bring out the perfect ambiance a wedding would need.

2. The Central Park Boathouse

Central Park Boathouse

Central Park is known to all around the world and to New Yorker’s it is a green haven in the bustling and vibrant city. The Park is perhaps the most quintessential locations in New York to get married in and what better way to do it than in a large windowed room overlooking the fabulous lake. The Boathouse can accommodate about 80 to 165 people minimum and a maximum of 230 with seated meal and dancing. Decorate the room with beautiful flowers and lanterns from the ceiling and dance away with your partner in this calm and serene oasis in the city.

3. The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

This venue next to the Hudson Rivers offers the most amazing and unforgettable views. With about 1000 square feet of light filled space, the guests can enjoy an evening listening to the waves and savoring the cocktails outside on the terrace. The location can house about 100 to 300 guests and the food by Abigail Kirsh’s is distinctive, not to mention the impeccable service.

4. The Angel Orensanz Center

Angel Oresanz Center

If you want to get married in a Gothic themed location, then the Angel Orensanz Center is the place to check out. Built in 1849 as a synagogue, it is now an incredibly breath taking wedding venue. The neo-gothic style gold leaf altar adds to the whole feel of the place. The space is big enough to hold about 250 for a sit down dinner and 300 for a cocktail style party.

5. The Prince George Ballroom

The Prince George Ballroom

The Prince George Ballroom provides a wedding venue that is absolutely breathtaking with its ornate interiors. If you want to get married like a King and Queen then this ballroom would suffice. The new renaissance details with the gold columns, soaring ceilings and intricate plaster work create a mood of the by gone era’s but at the same time gives out a light and airy feel. The ballroom, big enough to accommodate around 299 guests, is the perfect location for a landmark wedding.

6. The United Nations Dining Room and Rooftop Patio

The Delegates’ Dining Room at the United Nations

Getting married in the Delegates’ Dining Room at the United Nations is sure to seal the deal of a life time in awe. With spectacular views of the New York City skyline and East River, this location is truly one of the best. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, the Delegates’ room is big enough to house about 350 to 500 people for a sit down dinner and 850 for a cocktail reception. If that’s not enough then you can also make use of the outdoor patio which again boasts of breathtaking views of the city.

7. Banchet Flowers and The Flower Bar

Banchet Flowers and the Flower Bar

This elegant 1800 square foot of magnificent space is perfect for a romantic wedding. Brick walls, elegant lines and the best part, a shop full of flowers make this a paradise for couples. The florist Banchet Jaigla designs all the beautiful flower arrangements herself, adding to the beauty of the place. If the space available is not enough, you can also hire the Flower Bar next door.

8. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

You can get married among the lush greenery if you choose the Brooklyn Botanic garden as your venue. This beautiful location brings a vibrant blend of natural beauty and the chic city style together, not to mention the affordable price it comes with. The Palm House at the Garden is perfect if you want to do an indoor scene or have it outside among the fragrant rose gardens and swaying trees for a more romantic feel.

9. Gotham Hall

Gotham Hall

Gotham Hall, the former headquarters of the Greenwich Savings Bank, has now been converted into a magnificent Art Deco Ballroom boasting of all the features required for a perfect wedding. The 7 story tall vaulted dome in all its glory adds a romantic backdrop to a fabulous wedding. This space can occupy up to 1200 guests and the amazing architecture, along with the marble floors can be done up in any way to fit the theme of your wedding.

10. Cafe St. Bart’s at St. Bartholomew’s Church

Café St. Bart’s at St. Bartholomew’s Church

If you select this venue, then you have the advantage of having your wedding ceremony in the church followed by a fabulous reception out on the 5000 square foot terrace overlooking Park Avenue. A wedding in the heart of New York city- now that’s something worth celebrating.

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