10 Wedding things that you should not post on Facebook

Wedding netiquettes

Faceboook plays a vital role in everyone’s life nowadays. Through the wall posts, you are almost always aware of what’s happening in your friends life. Some people love to keep announcing about their lives on various social network websites in the status update bar or in the comment box. It is to let your friends know about the present situation of your life, good as well as bad. Although instant communication with friends is a good idea, but should be refrained for some personal aspects. Regular updates about your wedding on Facebook, does not sound like a great idea! It would not only imply overdoing things, but opinion on almost everything from all present can leave you with a haphazard wedding planning.

1. Never use Facebook to invite wedding guests

Inviting the guests for your wedding should always be done in a traditional way as it is a social matter and is one of the most important occasion in your life. Friends, families and relatives always prefer to be invited to the wedding in a personal note like an invitation card or a phone call. It stays a situation of uncertainty whether your guests will arrive to your wedding because most people ignore invites on Facebook.

2. Announce the news to family and then post on Facebook

Family is an important part of your life and it is our responsibility to inform them first about any good news before posting it on Facebook. It does not cause any harm to post your engagement news in the social websites but it is an etiquette to let the closed ones know about your engagement at the first hand.

3. Do not put a wedding ticker on your Facebook profile

Putting a wedding ticker in your profile would make you look desperate. Though the wedding means everything to you, your ticker might annoy people and piss them off. So, do not update constantly about your wedding excitements on your Facebook profile. In short it is not necessary to let everyone in the world know how many days are left for your D-day.

4. Do not upload wedding photos of friends and relatives indiscriminately

Everyone may not like to upload their photos as some pictures could be too personal or discriminant for them. Uploading photos without their consent could hurt their emotional feelings.

5. Stop using verbal PDA

It is not necessary to let people know how much you are in love with each other after marriage. Stop posting on each other’s Facebook wall like “come home soon, hubby!!”. Everyone is aware that you are married, so do not try to overdo it by showing public display of affection.

6. Do not put the bridesmaid dress on Facebook without finalizing it:

Your best friend might be as excited as you are for your wedding. Talk to her about the bridesmaid dress, finalize it together. Choosing one yourself and posting it without her consent may hurt your friend’s feelings. Moreover it would prove you to be bossy and demanding.

7. Do not make a Facebook status directing friends to your wedding registry

Do not show and post your wedding registry in your profile even if you are craving for gifts from your friends. If they are concerned about gifting you on your wedding, they will find out and send wedding gifts on their own.

8. Do not post your pre-wedding schedule on Facebook

Do not update your status about every minor preparation you have done for your wedding like shopping, finalizing the wedding venue, choosing the wedding dress etc. Your wedding preparation is of no interest to other people other than your family members and your partner. Avoid posting anything related to your wedding preparations as this might make you sound self centered and annoying.

9. Do not post or ask opinions for honeymoon ideas

Honeymoon after the wedding is a complete private affair between husband and wife. Asking for opinions from your friends on social networking websites for your honeymoon might lead to various differences between you two. Certain people may not know where to draw their line in giving suggestions which could cause tension and confusion. You are going to be a matured married couple and things like your honeymoon should be completely taken care of all by yourselves. And yes, it is totally fair to post on Facebook where are you headed for your honeymoon.

10. Do not update your situations after marriage

It could be a love or arranged marriage, the couple might be happy or unhappy. There might be some problems adjusting in your married life but never post this type of sensitive things in your profile. It may only hamper and worsen your present married situation. Letting the world know about your inconvenience may not be a good idea.

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