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10 Best wedding rings for her under $1000

1/2 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

A diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend, almost every person is aware of this. The sparkle which the transparent stone emits is the only thing which can satisfy a woman’s twinkling urge. The more the cuts a diamond has, the more worthy it becomes for the woman’s insatiable urge to own it. Having said this, the transparent stone has been given an unfathomable status in almost every strata of society.

A wedding is the time of one’s life which needs to be decorated with the best possible things money can buy. A lavish wedding, a beautiful triple-Decker cake, lots of champagne, loads of guests, you name it and the fancier the wedding gets. But the most important thing which makes a marriage the most memorable is the bond the bride and the groom share. Sealing this bond with its unique presence is the diamond engagement ring which reminds the couple of the vow of lifelong commitment they chose to share.

Like the bond they are bound to share, the engagement ring becomes a memoir for both the bride and the groom; a gentle reminder of their inimitable trust and lifelong commitment.

Just a suggestion for all those people who are about to tie the knot; bestow your partner with a ring she can never forget. Never forget, a diamond can convey the most intimate feelings which even words fail to pass across sometimes. The stone’s beauty and elegance leaves not many in doubts about its invaluable worth.

Here’s a list of 10 of the most prized possessions aka the engagement ring which can be purchased for less than a $1000. Read on and feel free to take some ideas back home.

1) 4 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring:

Sapphire ring

Price: $625

Set in a plush diamond oval shape is a blue sapphire. With a beautiful design inspired by Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the richness of the ring and the design will do its own bidding. Bring forth the blueness of your bride’s eyes by gifting a ring she will never forget.

The size of the stone leaves not many people in doubt about how much business you mean. If you can afford it, then splurge and make you

Product USP: Affordable and trendy at the same time with a unique design.

Pros: Made out of 4 carat stones and set in a plush 14K white gold setting.

2) Round Diamond Sterling Silver Ring:

Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

Price: $791

Giving you a design you would not forget, the Round Diamond Sterling Silver Ring by designer Randy Dixon is a stunner.

With a design as unique as its wearer, the sleek solitaire ring is just not going to let you down. The brilliantly cut center is delicate, feminine and adorably stylish. Wear it alone or stack it with some more rings, the choice is yours. Choose the size according to your size and you would look next to perfect.

The solitaire diamond in the center will take your level of beauty to another level altogether. It’s big enough for you to show off in front of everyone.

Product USP: Single solitaire which will stand out on your fiancee’s hand and make eyes swoon.

Pros: The ring has been set with in a sterling silver design and fitted with 0.32 K diamond to enhance its beauty.

3) 1/2 Carat Diamond Set of 14K White Gold Bridal Engagement Ring Set:

1/2 Carat Diamond Set of 14K White Gold Bridal Engagement Ring Set

Price: $695

This glitzy set of an engagement ring and band is available for a price you can hardly believe. Covered with ½ carat of beautiful sparkling princess cut diamonds, the 14K white gold will enhance the sparkling of the ring and the stones to an extent unimaginable.

The best part about these rings is the couple set that it comes in. Not only can you get a ring for your beloved, even you get to give her company by flaunting the same design.

Product USP: The style is pretty unique and is available in a combination of two making it all the more desirable.

Pros: The ½ carat diamond has been cut and fit into the rings so well no one would be able to question the credibility.

4) 1/2 Carat Round and Baguette Diamond 14K White Gold Ring:

1/2 Carat Round and Baguette Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Price: $595

Check out this unique combination of ½ carat duo of fiery baguette surrounded by a bunch of white diamonds sitting coolly in an astounding setting of 14K polished white gold.

With a design to cherish and an idea for the perfect engagement ring, the white gold ring would make any woman happy.

Product USP: The combination spells out success even as you read out the contents with which the ring has been designed.

Pros: The 14K gold and the ½ carat diamond blend perfectly to emit the best shine possible for the slender fingers of your fiancee.

5) 1/4 Carat Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

1/4 Carat Black & White Diamond 14K White Gold Ring

Price: $189

This unique black and white combination would simply appeal to the classes if not the masses. With a warm blend, the ring offers 14K white gold mix with enhanced black and white diamond while the ring sparkles like the beauty only a woman’s hand deserves.

Cherish every minute of this happy moment and seal them forever by presenting this sleek vintage colored ring.

Product USP: The beautiful white diamond ensconced between the black diamonds, makes the ring a must have for all the young brides to be.

Pros: An affordable price coupled with a sleek design.

6) 1/2 Carat Blue & White Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

1/2 Carat Blue & White Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $695

The vintage dream would finally come true once your bride to be sets her eyes on this attractive sleek engagement ring. Set in a bed of sparkling blue diamonds, with one white diamond in the middle, the ring redefines the term ‘sexy’ all over again.

The 14K gold background creates the perfect blend of white with blue.

Not only will your bride like it, the onlookers would also stand amazed. Let this be the perfect opportunity to express your love and show the world you care.

Product USP: The vintage design which would set the marriage wheels into motion.

Pros: The affordable price

7) 1 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

1 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

Price: $349

Black is the in color these days. Dotting the lines of the black stones are the white diamonds while the majority of the ring area is covered with the richness of the black colored stones.

Showcased nicely in this 1 carat stone ring, the cuts of the stones give out the perfect sparkle.

Set in a setting of 10K white gold, the ring would ensure that your partner’s answer is a big ‘YES’ when you ask her for marriage with this black beauty.

Product USP: The setting and structure of the stones is what makes the ring the most unique amongst the lot.

Pros: The design is as unique as its price is.

8) 7/8 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

7/8 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

Price: $399

The gleam of the diamonds in this exquisite hand jewelry is simply mind blowing. With a design of 3 consecutive circles, the ring bears no restraint to what the imagination can do.

The fashionably black diamonds, set a modern contrasting approach, when they form a bright hue with the white diamonds. As the black diamonds set shining with their intricate cuts and procedures, the ring sets its own class. Make her wear the ring and see how she will not stop flaunting it all around her.

Product USP: The 10K gold setting is a pleasure for the eyes to review.

Pros: The setting and the design of the ring is something every onlooker will envy.

9) 1/2 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

1/2 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

Price: $229

The crisscross design of the white diamonds in the black setting will set the mood for the engagement ceremony. Watch as everyone sets praises for this little hand ornament. With a classy design to call its own, the ring sets forth in motion a perfect hue and design for the wearer’s hands.

Created to impress who so ever sets their eyes on it, the ring would remain a stunner and a prized possession for the owner throughout. Don’t miss this glorious opportunity to impress everyone around you with your choosing capacity.

Product USP: The strong design of the ring and the perfect placement of the center stone is the most amazing part of the diamond engagement ring.

Pros: The center stone and the crisscross design will leave little in doubt about your choosing prowess.

10) 3/8 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring:

3/8 Carat Black & White Diamond 10K White Gold Ring

Price: $299

Created in the shape of a star and a modern crisscross design, the diamond lines inside the ring are something almost everyone would cherish. The design gives you the feeling of being the best in life and if you close your eyes and imagine yourself wearing it, you would feel the sense of power and beauty the ring commands.

With perfectly cut white diamonds setting the borders, the crisscross black diamond lines inside the 10K white gold setting lets you decide that you’re indeed worth all that your pursue.

Product USP: The star design coupled with the excellent placement of the stones inside the ring.

Pros: the 10K white gold sets of the richness of the black stones inside the ring.

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