Jill Conner Browne’s The Sweet Potato Queens’ Wedding Planner/The Sweet Potato Queens’ Divorce Guide

jill browneJill is 53 and she has gone through lots of ups and downs in life. She has the experience of three marriages, a victorious survivor of two divorces. In this latest book, on wedding advices, Browne says that once the wedding is over ‘you’re no longer the bride you’re the wife’.In the fifth book she has discussed all about nuptials, some sweet and some harsh realities of life.

Listen guys Jill says: After all, she points out, “100 percent of divorces begin with weddings.”

The boss of the sisterhood known as the Sweet Potato Queens, she is now greatly revered as a leading icon sharing her entertaining advices yet useful, her stories, humour and even mouth watering recipes for Southern treats.

What is the best part of her book?? Ladies don’t miss it, the humorous vein that runs throughout her book.

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