10 Wedding traditions you can skip

Non traditional wedding

Traditions are no more the most important part of majority of the modernized weddings. Most modern weddings have traditions altered to suit the needs of the couple and the guests. Few traditions have been done away with completely. Here is a list of 10 wedding traditions that you can skip or alter according to your suitability. Read on and plan your wedding accordingly.

1. Start the wedding festivities with bridal shower

As with weddings, bridal showers have also emerged over the time. However, the basic format of bridal shower has remained unchanged for generations. It is hosted by the Maid of Honor and can get boring when you have to play silly games. Nothing can beat the embarrassing feeling of opening gifts in front of relatives whom you barely know. This can really take long and boring with endless talking when nobody is paying attention. Brides who think showers are boring should politely decline all offers for bridal shower.

2. Traditional ceremonies cannot be cut short

Stay away from a two hour wedding ceremony which involves mostly big lectures, candle lighting, readings, choir, and prayers. Discuss with your partner to keep it simple and short. People do hate sitting through the boring parts and just want to start the fun. Do talk to your wedding ceremony officiant or priest to see if the wedding ceremony can be made short and quick.

3. Wedding ceremonies generally should take place in churches

There is no thumb rule on the place for a wedding ceremony. Decision depends on whether both the bride and the groom belong to the same religion or not. Non-religious (civil) ceremonies are performed by a local registrar. Civil ceremonies are relatively simpler and faster than the religious church wedding. If you have dreamed of a church wedding, then you have made the decision. Else, for those who do not wish to marry in a church can choose hotels, gardens, beaches, stately homes and country houses. You can also ask your pastor to perform the wedding ceremony in his office.

4. Bridesmaids dresses should match with the bride

Not all bridesmaids are of the same size shape and personality. They can have a dress that they feel good wearing. Decide on the color and let them choose the style that they wish to wear. As long as the dresses they choose are made of the same fabric such as satin or silk, they should look formally dressed for the occasion. They will actually thank you for it!

5. You should exchange traditional vows

Though you can stick to the traditional wedding vows, you can also use your own words to come with a meaningful pledge. You can exchange vows in a number of ways. Write down the vows in a format that suits both of you. You can also borrow lines from movie songs, poems or books. Memorize your vows and read it aloud to each other.

6. Engagement ring should be in diamond

Not necessary. Today wedding rings come in all formats silver, platinum, or even metal. Anything that both you and your future spouse feels comfortable in can be worn. There is nothing wrong if you consider budget and buy gold or silver. Focus on other important wedding expenses and the significance of the ring than the price of it. Go for wallet-friendly ring options. Perhaps, your bride will be happier to wear something that she likes than limiting the choice to a diamond ring.

7. Bride should pay the wedding bills

There are no rules as to who should foot the wedding bill. Put your heads together to see if you both can split the cost with or without the interference of family members. However, remember that when others chip in for the bill, they most likely would like to have a say in terms of how the money is spent. If you and your fiancee are going to take up the cost, it is better to set up a joint bank account just for the wedding. This will help you to track on the wedding expenses.

8. You must have a traditional cake cutting ceremony

The wedding cake has now taken the central stage in all the wedding ceremonies. It is part of the ritual celebrations at the reception. However, you can skip this if you feel antiquated about this ceremony. This can help limit your wedding expenses as well as save you from the staring eyes when you take the first bite. However, go for it if a big expensive wedding cake is important to you.

9. Guests should sit on chairs or in church pews

It is quite boring for guests not able to pick the place where and with whom they want to sit next to. Guests will not leave happily if they end up sitting at a table where they feel uncomfortable. Let them pick a place where they would like to sit and have fun in your wedding.

10. Wedding ceremony is never complete without the ‘first dance’

Not all people love the idea of dancing together in public. If you feel uncomfortable being the center of attention, you can skip it and do something that makes you feel easy. Do not attempt anything that makes you nervous. This will simply worsen things for both of you. There is no rule that you have to follow all the wedding traditions. Your wedding will turn out to be great even if you don’t do the ‘first dance’.

It is your special day and you should do everything that makes the occasion memorable and comfortable to both you and your partner. These days, weddings are non-traditional that it is not at all a bad idea if you skip some of the wedding traditions. If you have the right to select your life partner, you have a right to select you wedding ceremony as well, of course, with consent of your partner and your family’s wishes.

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