12 Tech toys for a geeked-out Wedding

Geeked-out wedding

For gadget freaks, wedding is not quite the same, with the variety of wedding gadgets available today. The gadget lovers are sure to feel tempted to include the innovative wedding styled gadgets in their wedding. Here are a few ideas, from invitations to jewelry, for geek weddings.

1. USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

A geek would not like to leave behind important data. These cufflinks to be worn with the wedding suit can be used to store images or videos, which can be shown to guests at wedding ceremony or the reception, or to send. The USB cufflinks are made up of high quality plastic with metallic finish to suit the important occasion. However, if you are looking for highly fashionable stuff, these cufflinks are going to disappoint.

Price $195 USD

2. 8-Bit Wedding Invitations

Want to add a bit of geekiness to the traditional wedding invitation card printed on paper? Your invitation cards can go digital in the format of CD, DVD, USB etc. The invitations could be inspired by video games, popular animation characters or can be personalized by adding photographs and videos of the couple and their family members. A number of brands can give you numerous options to customize your digital invitations for the special occasion of your life.

Price $20-200 USD per invitation.

3. Fairshare Fountain

Are you fascinated by waterfalls? If yes, these glasses of different sizes are designed and arranged in such a way that wine poured in one glass will fill up other glasses gradually. The piece designed by Zoe Stranton is perfect for the wedding reception. You can use this fountain for champagne or any other liquor of your choice or the choice of your guests. The only downside is that the material is fragile and has to be handled with care.

4. Bride and Groom Keyboard Dusters

Everyone uses a computer. The Bride and Groom Keyboard duster is a perfect example of an item, which is not only trendy for display but also very handy when it comes to actual use. The dusters can be decorated to show the strong relationship bond between the bride and the groom. The stuff could be a memorable collectible for the couple, as the lifespan of duster is quite long when it is made up of high quality plastic.

Price $42 USD for a dozen

5. USB Wedding Ring

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. This wedding ring is, in fact, a USB drive. However, if you are looking for a working USB drive, this is not for you. You can choose to have the ring built in gold, platinum or engraved with diamonds. You can use your creativity and imagination to design the wedding ring of the bride and the groom.

Price $200 USD

6. I-Fairy Robot

Nupitals are typically led by little girls and boys at the wedding venue. What if you choose to replace these young girls and boys with a robot? The I-Fairy is a four feet tall robot manufactured by Kokoro, a Japanese company. It is surely going to leave your wedding guests speechless and children amused. Since it is a bit expensive, and beyond tradition, not many people have adopted the idea. However, there is no one stopping the geek if he or she want to make his or her wedding different.

Price $68,000 USD

7. Lit Wedding Dress

The bride is the center of attraction in a wedding. An wedding dress that is lit up is sure to capture eyeballs. This wedding dress was prepared by installing 300 LED lights with gold tint. The tinting/ twinkling effect is similar to candlelight. The size of the dress can easily accommodate the battery, which is used to power the LED system. What else, you may choose any dress for any other occasion to be installed with such LEDs, and may choose LEDs of various colors.

Price $10,000 USD

8. Lit-up Tuxedo

The wedding is not all about the bride. There is something in store for the groom too. Especially when your bride is all dressed up in 300 LEDs, you can’t be left behind without any lighting. Better still, the bride and the groom can co-ordinate their wedding attire to be similarly lit-up. Like with the wedding gown of the bride, the groom is spoilt for choice for the design of the wedding tuxedo that is lit-up and the various colors of LEDs giving it a sparkle.

Price $ 6,000 USD

9. Wine Glass Holder Necklace

The wedding is the place for celebration. The guests may have to be the part of the celebration either by participating in dance, singing or at least for clapping. This Wine holder necklace can be handy in such moments, when your guest is trying to be part of your wedding, but can’t hold his/her wine or champagne glass. The only caution to be exercised is that it is a decorative gadget and is for occasion usage. Regular usage may result in shortened life of the gadget.

Price $25 USD

10. Champagne Bucket Timer

Champagne is perhaps the most widely used item for celebrating anything. This champagne bucket has a timer, which can be used as kitchen timer or a simply a decorative stuff. So next time you or your guests are having good time with friends and champagne, they can loose track of time.

Price $100 each

11. Portrait Projecting Ring

Every one has watched James Bond movies and read Sherlock Holmes novels. We have always been fascinated by how detectives used to smuggle secret images by hiding them in small items like writing instruments, spectacles, shoes, lighters etc. This Stanhopes-inspired ring, can project slideshows of your favorite family photographs or other photographs of you and your spouse on a memorable honeymoon. The toy can be personalized to the extent you want, but you will have to search hard for the agent that can do the work for you. Images once engraved are permanent and can not be changed.

Price $500-750

12. Spinning Bow Tie

Engineering at its best, the spinning bow tie is an outcome of the an experimental program by the defence department. The tie is powered by a small battery, which can be hidden inside your shirt or coat, and has a very intense spin speed. What’s more, you have 37 colors and designs to choose from, for your bow tie.

Price $40-55

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