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9 Things your bridesmaid want you to know


Bridesmaids are one of the most important part of the wedding ceremony. A wedding minus the bridesmaids is a dull affair. A bridesmaid is generally a close friend or sister of the bride who falls in the same age group as the bride. The responsibility of attending the bride on the wedding day lies on the shoulders of the bridesmaid. It is essential for you, as a bride, to understand what they expect from you. Read on further to know what all your bridesmaids might be expecting from you and keep them happy by fulfilling their expectations.

1.Tell them what you expect

Being your bridesmaids they will definitely want to know what all you are expecting out of them. They are normal human beings and can not read your mind. Being the bride you will have to be vocal about your expectations. Tell them what all you want them to do for you and how they are supposed to go about things. This will make you feel great as things will be in order and your bridesmaid will not be disappointing you. However if you are not vocal about your needs or expectations your bridesmaid will not be able to help you with all the wedding planning. Assign different duties to different bridesmaids. One could be taking care of the wedding arrangements, one for your wedding attire and so on.

2. Bridesmaids should not be secrets

Your bridesmaids would expect you to tell everyone about them. Do not keep your bridesmaids as secrets for everyone else. Be vocal about your decision you might disappoint few of your friends who wished to be your bridesmaids but do not protect their feeling by hurting your bridesmaids. Your other friends will definitely respect your decision.

3. Your bridesmaids are your well wishers

Your bridesmaids are your well wishers, they want the best for you in every way. Do not hurt their feeling by not considering their individual self. Do not choose your bridesmaid based on the fact who can afford an expensive bridesmaids dress and who can not. Be rational in decision making and avoid making any hasty assumption. Talk to them openly they would never want to hurt you in any way neither should you be hurting them.

4. Trust your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids always want you to lay your trust on them. Do not turn them down by not trusting them or challenging their capabilities. They will do everything keeping the best for you in mind. They would never want to ruin your wedding in any way. If you allocate responsibilities to them make sure you lay sufficient amount of trust on them. If your friend is a working professional or a new mother try to avoid burdening her with responsibilities. Do not push your bridesmaids with all your wedding related responsibilities, let your parents and relatives be a part of your wedding planning instead.

5. Choose bridesmaids’ dress according to their choice

It is understood that you being the bride have to look the best in the lot. But do not make your bridesmaids dress badly just so that they do not outshine you. Choose a dress for them with their approval, do not push your choice as they are the ones who have to wear the outfit and not you. Let them choose their attire themselves. Do not let your liking overshadow their expectations. Keep your bridesmaids happy by giving them freedom to dress the way they want and look gorgeous.

6. Respect their personal commitments

Being bridesmaids it is their duty to be there for you as and when required but this does not mean that you expect all your unreasonable demands to get fulfilled. Understand that they too are human and not machines. Respect their individual lives and personal commitments. Do not be a tantrum throwing bride.

7. Understand their financial condition

Respect their financial position and do not push them too hard. Understand the fact that they will have to spill a lot of money for their wedding preparation, expecting an expensive shower gift would ad to the financial crunch. Keep your expectations low and avoid being a fussy bride.

8. Maintain a manageable to-do-list

Hand over a manageable to-do list to your bridesmaid. A long list of chores might just be too unreasonable. Your bridesmaids want you to treat them like normal human beings. Distribute the work equally among all the bridesmaid.

9. Remember they are still your friends

Now that your friend or sister is your bridesmaid do not start treating her in an unusual way. Do not let your wedding related stress take over your relation with them. Treat them like before and do not let anything affect your bond. Take interests in matters related to them and do not let your wedding planning over shadow their personal lives.

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