Different styles of bridal wedding veils and how to choose one

bridal wedding veils

Wedding veils are traditional and romantic. A veil is a symbolic reference to the virginity of the bride and has the emotional elements to it. Lifting the veil, though not very common these days, is one of the most romantic traditions, reflecting the love and belongingness as the foundation of a wedding. There are various types of veils and each has its own beauty and charm. The length of the veil varies depending on the size and height of the bride. Therefore, it is better to leave the length unmentioned in general. The wedding veil is always decided as per the wedding dress, in terms of the color, type and length. Let us check out 12 different types of bridal wedding veils.

1. Blusher

bridal wedding veils

The misconception is that the blusher is a bouffant or the shoulder length veil. However, blusher is the piece of veil that covers the face. Blusher can be attached to any type of veil. Or the other way round, the bride may decide not have a blusher at all. A blusher is generally 18 inches in length.

2. Bouffant

Bouffant is a short length veil touching the shoulder of the bride. Very popular in 60s, Bouffant suits the short hair style. This particular style also suits the bride wearing a simple wedding gown.

3. Shoulder

The shoulder style of veil is the extended version of the bouffant veil, sitting below the shoulder, reaching up to the armpit of the bride. It totally depends on the bride, which veil she wants to adorn on the wedding day.

4. Elbow

bridal wedding veils

The veil falling just at the elbow is also considered as a short length veil and looks very pretty in young brides in twenties with strapless wedding gown.

5. Waist

If you will extend the elbow length veil to a few inches, it will fall at the waist. The waist length veil looks very elegant and pretty on small petite brides wearing slimming wedding gown without any trains.

6. Fingertip

This type of veil ends at the fingertips of the bride. It suits brides of all ages and with all type of wedding gowns. Fingertip veil is more suitable for the brides on the heavier side, if they are keen on shorter length veil.

7. Knee

The refreshing knee length veils are very popular with American brides. The knee length wedding veils goes pretty well with the tea length wedding gown. Tea length is also known as mid-calf length. With light and chirpy feeling about this veil makes it perfect for an informal day wedding.

8. Waltz

bridal wedding veilsThe very classic and elegant, waltz veils were very popular in 1800’s and 1920’s. The waltz veil falls to touch the floor or just an inch above the floor, depending on the length of the wedding gown. The pretty, soft and delicate, this veil is to accentuate the femininity in you.

9. Chapel

First veil to have train, chapel veil is classic, elegant and sophisticated. As per the tradition, the length of the veil must be similar to the train of the wedding gown. However, it is not hard and fast rule. In fact, 108 inches in length, the chapel veil creates a soft romantic and graceful look, even if the gown falls pretty well on the floor without a train.

10. Cathedral

144 inches long, cathedral veil is one of the most elegant and classic yet cumbersome type of veils considering the length of it. The bride needs the help of the bridesmaids to lift it while walking and to place it while standing or getting the pictures clicked. The modern brides prefer shorter veils to be comfortable throughout the ceremony to enjoy the most special day of their lives. But, if you can carry it, cathedral veil is the most picture perfect and beautiful veil to wear it on your wedding.

11. Royal

The royal and elegant, 180 inches in length, the royal veil does not rank high on the preference list of the contemporary bride as it is highly impractical and uncomfortable to carry. The royal veil will also dig a deep hole in your pocket as it is expensive. However, royalty still prefers their veils with long train as it is a tradition for them.

12. Detachable veil

bridal wedding veils

Since we are in jet age, how can our wedding veils be outdated and traditional without any new age choices? Here is the detachable veil to help all those modern brides who want to look traditional and still look for comfort. In detachable veils, the bride can have the long veil during the ceremony and then can detach the larger or heavier part of it to make it shorter and lighter to wear. This is a very practical veil considering that the heavy traditional veils cannot be worn for a longer duration.

Things you must know when buying wedding veils

Veils have very ancient origin. Taking about the wedding or the bridal veils, they became popular in the times of the ancient Romans who believed that the veil will always protect a bride’s or the chastity. It was also marked as a symbol of virginity of the bride. With the changing times maybe that is not what wedding veils are representing anymore. Rather the veils used in the weddings are more now a fashion statement for the bride. Instead of just hiding the bride’s face the veils now express her beauty in the very apt manner. So if you have decided to use a wedding veil as a bridal accessory, then get aware about the things that you must know when buying a wedding veil.

1. Find out the different types of wedding veils

bridal wedding veilsWhen you go and visit a bridal shop then you will find their various types and forms of the wedding veils. The chief one among them will be bird-cage veils, elbow length veils, finger-tip length veils, cathedral-length veils, fly-away veils and the floor length chapel wedding veils. You will have to select one among these as per your requirements.

2. Take advise from an expert

The contour or the make of your face as well as the wedding dress style will play major roles in decoding the best wedding veil for you. For this you can take an advice from some bridal fashion expert.

3. Decide on detailing

Decide what kind of the embellishment or the embroidery will you like your wedding veil to have. You can decorate the veil with ornaments like pearls or even the diamonds. Even the simple wedding veil will work for you but then you must always match your wedding dress fabric with the wedding veil fabric.

4. Choose a wedding veil on the basis of your height

bridal wedding veils

Your height will tell a lot about the kind of wedding veil that suits you. For an example if you are short in height then veils that are pretty long in their length are not meant for you at all. In that case, you go with a short or mid-sized wedding veil.

5. The type of fabric is also important

Fabrics, in which the wedding veils are generally made are like the tulle, chiffon, silk and lace. The prices of these goes in increasing order respectively. Chiffon is also bit heavier than tulle which is the lightest accompanied by the silk and lace. This will decide a lot about the expenditure that you are going to make while ordering or buying veil for your wedding day.

6. The hairstyle to support the wedding veil

Some veils like the chiffon wedding veils and the multiple tiered wedding veils will be heavier in their weight and will require a special kind of a hairstyle to support them. So, if you have made up your mind to go with a bit heavier wedding veil then do visit a hair expert.

7. The weight of the wedding veil

bridal wedding veils

Choose the number of the tiers that you would like your wedding veil to possess. More the tiers, heavier the wedding veil would be.

8. Trim style is also a great way to go

Opt for the trim-style that best defines your personality. For this ornaments can be used or even the trimmed lace will do the magic for you.

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