15 Ideas to make your reception fun filled

Wedding Reception

The next thing which is as enjoyable as your wedding is your wedding reception. Exciting and worrying for the arrangements to be perfect, right from the decoration and the venue to the guest list and the food and the wine. You would definitely want your guests to feel happy for attending the auspicious ceremony of yours and therefore show them your hospitality in the best way. It is very important event for you and your spouse as you will receive guests together for the first time as a couple. It will be the first function or a party thrown after the wedding by the couple for their family, relatives and friends. The motto of organizing such functions is not just to cater hospitality towards your guests but also have lots of fun. There are many new ways of making your wedding reception fun-filled. Listed below are fifteen ideas to make your reception fun filled.

1. Reminiscing

You can have your photos taken right from your nuptials till the beginning of your reception party, arrange them in the right order or just have them in the decoration as a part of it around the hall. Let the guests as well as your closed ones look at them as they walk inside and walk around and see them along with you and your spouse and recall that time. In these way your guests will connect them more with the party. It is also a good way to start conversations among the guests and they will start to enjoy it. Along with this you can also have the snaps of those special moments of you two. If there are no such photos then you can make a portfolio telling your guests of your romance. You can start from the way you two have met, suppose in a library or bookstore then take a snap there and then you two sitting and having coffee as if it’s your first date till your partner kneeling before you asking that question of being together for a lifetime. Your guests will know your story or and its not only they who will feel privileged to know it but you two will feel special too.

2. Make a different entry than the usual

Instead of the usual arm-in-arm entry you can you make it more lively and funny by running, skipping or you can take help from your guests by asking them to suggest some ways to make an entry. You can also make it a bit dramatic and classy or give a fairytale like effect by coming on a magnificent white horse decorated in the royal way with your spouse-to-be. Or you can come as a bride all with flowers and coy with your bridesmaid holding the end of your gown.

3. Play games

You can involve your guests more by playing games related to any part of the reception. Suppose you make a crossword puzzle. Each table will have a puzzle piece and they have to put it together. As they come together and do it they might find the entire picture formed to be a group photo taken during your wedding. They will surely love this and enjoy it a lot. The photo can also be of you with your partner or a snap taken in a prom when you two were dancing with each other, something which will look classic and dramatic as well.

4. Make them comfortable

You can make it more comfortable and intimate for them by including plush chair and other lounge furniture for the party. To add to this you can make the wall and ceilings draped with velvety fabrics to make it more. If you are ready to spend more, you can have nice comfortable sofas for the guests with tables, all in off-white or peach or any such soft color. Keep small balls of chocolates with walnuts as toppings in bowls on the tables. This will be a sweet beginning and the kids will love it.

5. Entertainment

Hire a band or an artist for playing or singing the tunes of some of the favorite songs of the guests. A Dj can also be hired for remixing two songs and make it more groovy so that your guests and you can also dance to that. If most of them are with their little ones then you can arrange something for them. You can arrange for magic shows or games which they will love to play. Your guests will also be free and don’t have to look or rather run after their kinds.

6. More entertainment

Add more to the last point. You can have tarot card reader or fortune reader. Or to be a little traditional and cultural just hire dancers to do your heritage dance. You can also have your guests to take part in it and have a blast. if you are thinking this idea, then make sure the costume of the dancers and the stage or space where they will perform is decorated to match with their dance.

7. Pamper your guests’ sweet tooth

You can have a whole buffet specially for the dessert. Have all kinds arrangements, flavors to help the guests make their own favorite cupcake. Or you can have refreshments of different flavors if it’s a summer wedding. If its a summer wedding do add ice creams with chocolate, strawberry and some more flavor. Let your guests add flavors or mix flavors and decide the toppings. Ice cream is liked by all, be it kids or adults.

8. Dishes specially for them

You can have chefs ready to prepare some snacks or salads which your guests might want. In that way they will really enjoy the food. You can also have a variety of starters and let them choose which one they want and start in a jolly yummy way.

9. Have an after-meal snack

You can arrange for a snack and surprise your guests after the meal is over while they are dancing. You can get the local snack and get a vendor to bring it. As the meal is finished you can as a surprise have a set up outside the venue and distribute the snacks among your guests.

10. Personalized wine

Have their own wine bottles and serve them. You can have different alcoholic beverages and each guest have a note of the names of all the flavors. Or if you want you can also let it be packed along with the treat to be taken away.

11. Have a guestbook

Give your guests cards or small boards with markers so that they can write their wishes or messages for the new beginning of your life with your beloved. This will make the entire thing more of sentiment and emotional.

12. Make a special toast

You can make a toast for the guests specially and in that way limit their drinking of that wine and later introduce more of different flavors in the stock.

13. Have a separate lounge

Have a separate lounge outside if you have the space for it so that your guests can sit there comfortably after the meal and the dance. Serve cappuccinos and lattes with cheese roll well grilled along with other crunchies.

14. A sweet treat to take back

Give your guests cookies or donuts and pastries with choco milk syrup in takeaway boxes with your monograms. You can also add chocolates to make the memories more sweet and chocolaty.

15. An after-party

Brides these days choose to have an after-party. After the reception is over they prefer to be with their friends and closed ones and party all night. After the party is over the guests are dropped at their residence by buses which are hired.

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