Roles a Best Man should Play in a Wedding

Roles a Best Man

Being selected as a ‘Best Man’ may seem a distinctive honor but essaying the role is by no means a cake- walk. Right from running errands to keeping the groom sound and sober and even carrying the ring, the best man has multiple opportunities to rise up to the occasion. Here is an insight into the wholesome roles and responsibilities that a best man must do and cater to.

1. Wedding Planning and Planning a Stag Party

Best Man’s basic job is to advise the groom on the formal proceedings of the marriage, the dos and don’ts and equip him with the wherewithal. Right from getting his wedding suit measured to lining up the menu for the reception party, the groom acts most often on the Best Man’s advice so his role as a best man starts well before the wedding.

It also falls upon the Best man to arrange for a ‘Stag’ or ‘Bachelors’ party’ on the night before the wedding. He also has to ensure that the party winds up in good form without getting out- of- hand. He also ascertains that the groom arrives in sound and sober condition to the Church, on time for the wedding, after a hectic stag orgy.

2.Supporting the Groom

The best man usually stands to the right of the groom. Being his soul-mate, the best comfort and induce confidence into a nervous groom having last minute doubts and jitters.

3. Groom’s Dressing

The best man is usually the groom’s butler, hairdresser and make-up man -all rolled up in one.It is the duty of the Best man to comb the ruffled feathers, adjust the neck tie, tuck in a handkerchief, dab on some perfume and may be even polish the boots of his dear friend. In short, the Best man is the groom’s nanny and baby -sitter.

4. Arranging Tuxes

The best man has to help the groom choose his tux, order for it and sometimes even pay for it. He has to accompany the groom on all the sittings and dress rehearsals.He also has to ensure that the groomsmen are in fine form – in trendy tuxes. Doing all this, he also has to be well turned out himself in his tux.

5. Taking Groom to the Church

The best man is also the groom’s chauffeur. He has to ensure that the groom wakes up at the right time, gets dressed well and arrives on time to the church- in sound and sober condition, after a hectic stag night.The Best man accompanies the groom and leads him to the altar to wait for the Bride.

6. Helping in Ring Exchange

Usually, the best man is asked to hold the Bride’s ring or even both groom’s and bride’s rings if there is no ring-bearer at the ceremony.This mighty onus is on the best man to remember to bring the ring to the altar on time when the vows are exchanged.The best man must stand tall, look sharp, appear cool and composed and deem dignified as he hands out the rings at the altar.

7. Signing of the Marriage License

The best man is often the main legal witness to this lawful contract of companionship called marriage.He often signs the marriage license and bears testimony to the exchange of wedding vows.

8. To Pay the Priest

The wedded couple often gives the Best man a sealed envelope containing the priest’s dues or the church’s fees.The Best man settles the church fees and pays the priest officiating the wedding, before the ceremony.

9. Escorting the Maid

It is the duty of the Best man as the prime legal witness to oversee the signing of the marriage license of the groom, bride and the maid or matron of honor who acts as the other witness.As the ceremony draws to a close, the matron or maid of honor is escorted up the aisle, in succession behind the bride and groom, by the best man.

10. Greeting Guest at the Reception Party

Being Best man means standing in for the groom as the host at the reception party.So the Best man has to arrive early, oversee the arrangements, receive and welcome the guests, make them properly seated and supervise the wedding dance or ball and dinner.

11. Dancing with the Maid of Honor

The Best Man sits to the left of the groom at the reception party.In courtesy and absolute deference to the Bride’s wish, the Best man dances with the maid or matron of honor.

12. Wedding Reception Speech

Here comes the hardest part of being the Best Man, giving a speech at the reception banquet.The Best man has to make a short, witty speech captivating the audience. He has to extol the Bride and Groom , talk about their perfect compatibility and thank the guest for their attendance.

So usually the Best man is the hero of that hour and much care is taken by the Groom to choose a Best man who would make a favorable and impressionable speech.The Best man proposes a toast and makes the first speech before or after dinner.

13 Escorting the Bride and Groom

In a final touch, the Best man usually escorts the Bride and Groom on their happy honeymoon – to their hotel or airport.To do this, he must also discreetly decorate the getaway car in immaculate taste to please the couple.

14. To Pay the Wedding Rentals

The Best Man again comes to the Groom’s rescue, not bothering him with mundane matters after the hectic wedding nuptials. He takes on the responsibility of returning the wedding rentals like the tuxedos in proper condition.

15. Bringing Gifts to Home

As a final winding up process, the Best Man, with or without the help of the Mid of Honor, brings the gifts of the Bride and Groom safely to the home.

16. Be the Best “Best Man” You can Be

As a best “Best man”, you always have to keep your cool. So whatever you are doing, don’t do anything that put you on awry. You should have your own unique ways to deal with every kinds of situations.

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