3 Easy steps to be a slim and sexy bride

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Wedding day is a very important day in every girl’s life. Each one of us wants to look and behave at our best on this much awaited and much anticipated day of our lives. Somehow, the contradiction of life makes it tough for us to look sexy and slim because of our worries and anxieties related to wedding preparations. For example, though most of us want to lose weight before the wedding day but in practice what happens is just opposite of it. Due to stress and hectic schedules we tend to eat fast food more while preparing for the wedding and end up either gaining more of weight or don’t lose weight at all.

Besides, our skin and eyes also begin to look dull and lifeless because of inadequate nutrition and rest. So, the million dollar question is how to alter the situation in such a way that we plan and prepare for the wedding in the optimal way and at the same time lose weight and gain good skin, health and mood. Well the answer is there are ways and means to achieve this and the good news is that the ways we are going to suggest you will not demand any kind of monetary expenses. All it demands from you is change in your lifestyle and attitude. If you promise us this change, we promise you that on your wedding day you will find a sexy, slim and cheerful bride in the mirror standing. Just follow these three simple steps and see the great transformation happening in your life.

1. Catch up on sleep: Somebody has rightly said that sleep is the best skin cream and eye brightener. Not only beauty, adequate sleep also enhances your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The reason is that it’s during sleep that our body and mind repair themselves. Our body takes care of all wear and tear and does all the efforts to heal them whereas our mind and brain get some time to relax during sleep and prepare themselves for another hectic day. Hence it is very important to catch up on adequate sleep. We understand that wedding preparations gives you nightmares and as a caring host and bride you want to take good care of the decoration, the guests, the food and everything else related to wedding. But at the same time, we would like to emphasize the fact that sleep is also equally important for a healthy and happy bride and it should be neglected. You can do the following to get quality sleep and cut back on unnecessary stress which poses hindrances in your good sleep:

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  1. Tea and coffee may look like instant energy drinks to you when you are involved in intense conversations about floral arrangements and wedding dress but the fact is that they sap all your energy eventually and do not let you sleep peacefully. Hence you should try to avoid them as much as possible throughout the day and specially at night time. Besides, all sugary desserts, nicotine and caffeine based things are harmful and do not let you sleep peacefully.
  2. Avoid heavy foods, especially at night time. They can cause indigestion and heaviness and can make a good sleep impossible.
  3. Make it a point to go to bed 15 minutes earlier daily and then slowly increase this time till you feel that you are getting adequate sleep.
  4. Try to make your bedroom a peaceful and calm place by removing the clutter and removing all the bright colored objects. Just retain light and soft colored things in the room including the linen.

2. Include more fun in your life: Wedding preparations can be quite stressful and they can easily take away all your time, energy and passion. This can be quite irritating and tiring at times. To avoid this situation, the best way out is to have some ‘me’ time also. This ‘me’ time should be only your time where you meet up with friends, go for outings or walks in your favorite park and have fun. Don’t discuss about wedding during this time and rather concentrate about other things which you enjoy. If you really find yourself short of time and don’t know where to curtail, then another trick is to turn off the TV after watching it for half an hour. This will work like a miracle and you will find you have enough time to catch up with a friend, to cook your favorite dishes and to go for long walks in the moonlit night.

3. Eat more and more of salads and fruits: It is not a new knowledge that eating fruits and salads helps us in many ways. It makes our skin glow, our eyes twinkle with brightness, helps in shedding weight, increases libido, makes us full of energy and enthusiasm and helps fight lifestyle induced diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. So make use of this knowledge and ensure that you eat more and more of raw vegetables and fruits. Try to swap all your junk meals with healthy home cooked food and ensure that you eat salad with each meal. The more you include fruits and raw vegetables in your diet, the better you will begin to feel and look. Try this continuously for three months and see the results on your face and on your body.

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These are the cheapest and best tips to look slim and sexy on your wedding day and beyond, make them your lifestyle mantra and enjoy a happy and healthy life forever.

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