3 Handy tips to help you plan an unplugged wedding

It’s the perfect moment! You are about to exchange rings with your partner and your photographer is all ready to capture the moment in his lens. Alas! At the last minute, a guest jumps in to take a shot with his camera and your perfect ring exchange photo is ruined forever.

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Well, this is the standard complaint in many weddings where literally every other person jumps on the bandwagon to capture as many photos as he/she can. This is probably why many couples have started opting for unplugged wedding these days; a wedding where guests are asked to switch off their mobile phones and cameras.

Benefits of an unplugged wedding

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An unplugged wedding will leave you with minimal digital distractions to worry about. This will allow a professional photographer to capture the best shots without worrying about interruptions from guest photographers. With an unplugged wedding, the hired photographer does not need to worry about people jumping in front of him during a shot, photos being covered with mobiles and tablets taking the same picture or entire families looking off to one side during a family portrait.

Tips to plan an unplugged wedding

If you are planning for an unplugged wedding, here are some tips that will help you plan the same effectively.

  • Notify the guests beforehand

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The best way to ensure that your guests will cooperate for your unplugged wedding is to notify them beforehand. One way to do this is to announce the plan on the wedding invites. You can add a small statement near the bottom of the message on the card stating that the wedding will be unplugged. This will help guests to come prepared for the function.

  • Make the request official on d-day

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Chances are some of the guests may not have noticed the message you sent on the invite. You can’t possibly keep running after them at the venue, asking them to switch off their mobiles and cameras. An alternative to this problem is to make the request official by stating the same message on a board at the entrance to the venue. You can also ask a friend to go around and spread the same message among the more photo hungry guests roaming around.

  • Be specific in what you don’t want

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What is it that you don’t want at the wedding? No photos, no videos or no calls? Be specific. Some guests may not be too happy to switch off their cell phones during the event. You can probably display another message below the unplugged wedding message at the entrance stating what you don’t want them to do. For instance, you can ask them to not take photos and keep their phones in silent mode instead of switching them off altogether.

An unplugged wedding will allow a professional photographer get the best images of your D day without being obstructed by guest photographers. These tips will help you plan out an unplugged wedding without any hassles and without annoying your guests in the process.

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