Wedding Planning Tips for Destination Weddings

Wedding Planning

People prefer destination weddings for the reason that it can altered to suit a small budget and still involve a dash of fun and adventure in the traditional wedding ceremony. These are the initial benefits a couple sees in planning a destination wedding. In actuality, a lot of planning goes into destination weddings. You can’t take things lightly, especially if you are planning to celebrate your wedding in foreign country. Here are some most important tips to get you started.

1. Budget

Destination weddings can be planned as a small celebration thus cutting down costs. With that, the plus point is while booking for your wedding you can also ask for discount while booking guests. Many destination spots also offer wedding packages; you can opt for those too. You will have to make out a list of people you are inviting and who will be paying for what. You also need to plan travel, lodging and entertainment bills. You should have to be specific about what you want to pay so that you can have an idea who are coming to the wedding ceremony and set the budget accordingly.

2. Visiting the Place before Wedding

You should visit the place once before your wedding because demography, wedding laws and venues can be different for many places. You can go with your fiancé and check about all these formalities at the start.

3. Wedding Planners

Though destinations weddings are fairly simple and non-complex but it has its own pros and cons. One of the cons would be that if you are going out of country for your weddings then make sure that you know the local language otherwise while booking for the materials needed for marriage, you might face difficulties.

The best solution for this problem is to hire a wedding planner who is well acquainted with the language and area around. Hiring a wedding planner will also ease your burden because he/she can manage do the essential things while you can only concentrate on how to spend your time with your beloved and family. The cost of hiring wedding planners is also not high.

4. Choosing a Wedding Dress

You need consider the climate before you buy a wedding dress. So, get detailed information about the weather and demography of the place you are going to celebrate your wedding ceremony. You will diminish your dream of memorable wedding if you pair your fairy tale satin ball gown with tropical humidity.

5.Marriage Laws

Every country has its own marriage laws for foreigners, so find out early what kind of regulations apply for your wedding destinations. It is always good to conform all about this before fixing the place. Some countries have very strong laws about wedding and can take a lot of time in getting you a marriage license.

6. Shipping the Stuff

Buying everything at the wedding ceremony in other country can be very expensive as well as stressful so you will have to get everything to your wedding destination and then bring all the stuff back home. But this complexity can be reduced by a proper planning everything you want to carry with you and things you will be buying at the destination. You can also request people to send wedding gifts to home rather than having them at the wedding destination.

7. Welcome the Guests

You have a lot of your loved ones coming from faraway places to attend the wedding. You can thank them by putting some specialty baskets in guest’s room, which will surely enlighten their mood. You can also surprise them with some wine, goodies and snacks in it.

8. Other Important Aspects

Send your wedding cards beforehand because it will take time for your guests to book the tickets and other commercial things. Also, make sure that the place of wedding isn’t very far away from the home town of your guests because it will prove costly to them.If your destination wedding is international, make sure out the legal facilities because some places like England ask for residency requirement.

Pack all necessary items needed and make a check list for the things required for wedding as if it’s international, then you won’t get time to buy all those again. If it is nearby your own home or city; then check whether that place is having sufficient amount sources to let you buy material if they went nil.

Have you combined your honeymoon with your wedding? If the place of honeymoon and that of destination wedding is same then set aside the things required for both. Make arrangements for your guests to live in different hotel unlike yours; I am sure you won’t them to be with you in same place. Also, check out the various sports that are available and enjoy them together or ask the hotel management to make the available to you.

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