Amazing fall wedding cake ideas

If you happen to be someone who is particular about every small detail then make sure that you give your wedding cake some thought. A wedding cake celebrates the whole event and so it should be close to perfection if not perfect. Make certain that your cake is in tune with the current fashion. Here are some wedding cake ideas which can help you design your ordinary wedding cake into an extraordinary one.

Fall wedding cake ideas

1. Mixed forms

If your cake is of a cliched form of being a square or a round one, then you can think of giving the form of the cake a modern twist. It will add an interesting angle to your cake. You can consider laying cakes of different shapes to form a big layered cake. This will give your cake an avant garde or bold look. If you want to stick to the conventional form of the cake then you can keep the round layers but you can add a lower petal shaped layer.

2. Creative figure

Classic figures can also be used to decorate your cake. You can match these figures with your personality and this will reflect your inner self. Vintage figurines, chocolate monograms and various jewelries for the cake is available in the market. You can also adopt a traditional idea and place a bride and a groom on the cake. They can be placed on a bike or can be walking together. You can select the above option if you want something maverick.

3. Calligraphy

Spectacular designs can be made by the confectioners artists. This makes the most elegant wedding invitations but don’t confine it to just that. Calligraphy can be used to decorate your cake. Use a little dark color based cake with a bit of a contrast in the ink as the key to a cake with calligraphic lettering on it, is not the color you use. The cake can be coated with blue color fondant and the writing can be in ivory or plain white.

4. Many textures

Fashion designers use different fabrics in different combinations to create fabulous designs. You can also apply this concept on your fall wedding cake ideas. You can fuse the wedding lace, the motifs of the invitation and create a gorgeous wedding cake. Ton sur ton designs are the best for an elegant cake and white is the most ideal color. This is in vogue though it is quite simple and attractive.

5. Classic white

For those, who loves classical styles, white, three tiered cake is the best option. You can decorate the cake with different renditions of fall leaves and pictures. You can collect pumpkin pictures, vines or anything you think will look great on the cake.

You also have some more options to render on white cake, like dark twigs and berries. On the top, various leaves and pictures can be used to give your wedding cake a splashing look.

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