Best Tips to Pick a Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo

To pose smart on your wedding, you need an impressive attire. Although shopping and fashion is not men’s area, still you don’t want to go wrong on the wedding day. Whether you are going for tailor made suit or fashion store, here are some suggestions to pick best tuxedo.Follow some simple and basic rules and you will never go wrong. Those who are ready to experiment and flaunt, these tips will help you out to look smart and feel great.

1. The Jacket

First thing is that you need a comfortable fabric. Fabric is the most important part of any jacket. Choose lightweight smooth fabric for the jacket. These light weight fabrics will keep you cool during dancing. Also choose crease – free fabric which is very easy to wear and makes you feel great because its all about confidence after wearing, so choose the best fabric.

2. Color and style

Wedding jackets always been dark. Choose black, midnight blue or deep color. These days men are getting more stylish and experimental, you can go for many colors. Ivory, cream, pearl white, rich brown, olive and even peach will look great in jacket. Remember to pair light color jacket with dark shirt and trouser. Always choose pastel and dark spectrum and do not go for bright colors. Choose a style that suits you as well as serve the purpose. Black tie and tail is very formal. You can go for double and single breasted jackets. Shawl lapels suits round face and jackets without vents makes you look slimmer. Try out different style before final pick.

3. Correct Measurements

Doesn’t matter how much expensive your tuxedo you are wearing, unless it has a perfect measurement or fitting. Correct fitting will let you feel more comfortable and will increase will boost your confidence automatically. Some people have confusion about fitting and colors. If this is so, you fiancée can really help with this. Show her snaps of tuxedo if she is attending the fitting with you.

4. Trousers

Your trouser should compliment with your dinner jacket. Pair trouser with two stripes with tail coat and trouser with single stripe with dinner jackets. If you are wearing cummerband, wear trouser with waist high to covered completely. Choose trouser with vertical pockets for dressier look. Never wear cummerband or vest with double breasted dinner jacket. Single vents are unacceptable for double – breasted jacket. Flat front trousers do not offer roominess and comfort compare to pleated.

5. Tuxedo Shirt

Compliment tuxedo shirt with jacket and trouser. Select shirt with wing or turn down collar. Wing collar looks stiff and smart look while turn down collar gives soft, pleated front. Shirt should have front bib construction which can be kept beneath waistband securely. Make sure front bib will not extend past your suspenders. Follow these simple rules and you will look stunning in wedding.

6. Combination with Shoes

You can’t expect to look great if your tuxedo is not matching with your shoes so if you are planning to buy a tuxedo, then go to the store and bring your shoes you are going to wear at the wedding ceremony. You may also take your fiancée with you to get a right kind of advice or take some pictures and show her later. Choose the one which matches with your shoes and feels comfortable to you.

7. Choose What is Trendy

Always look for what is trendy. There is always hype about every body type tuxedos which are on top. You can liven these styles by adding cummerbunds and colorful vests according to the color which suits you the best. You can also choose a colorful vest that matches with the color of bridesmaid’s dresses.

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