Some unique groom clothing tips for you!

Grooms Attire

A groom deserves to be well dressed as much as the bride. The groom’s attire is one that must compliment the brides dress. There are many alternative wedding dresses for grooms that drift away from the conventional black tuxedo, yet still look both formal and stylish. The groom’s formal wedding attire usually consists of a suit, tie, or a bow tie. It is without a doubt that the bride’s wedding dress is always significant and she is said to be the cynosure of the show, hence the grooms dress must match up to that of the bride’s. The style and cut is extremely important and one really needs to go the best make. One also should consider the kind of fabric and the true color that is suitable for him. In case one decides to marry during a hot weather, the suit should be made of light material and obviously heavy for winter.

1. You can Always Try an Alternative Tuxedo

The groom should be able to make a mark by wearing a different cut above the rest. For a daytime wedding, he can wear a cutaway type of a coat, whereas the boys can go for stroller coats. In case one chooses a double-breasted jacket, then the boys should wear single-breasted cut .if the groom wears a one-button jacket then his men can easily go for a three-button type. He is special so he should sport a satin lapel, and the groomsmen could go plain. The color white and black could be interchanged between the groom and his men.

2. Unique choice of a Fancy Flower

Boutonnieres or a “mini-corsage” worn over the jacket will surely make you the man of the day. Go for this different choice and this is certainly going to enhance the look. It’s a good idea to keep the flowers of the same family for the groomsmen while the groom wears a unique flower. The groom can wear a blue bud and not a flower while the boys wear white ones. He may also go for closed petals and his men can opt for open petals for making the dress outstanding.

3. The Elegant Tie is for You

The groom has his special men with him, but he should stand above the rest. So, why not try a different type of a tie. A good idea is to wear a silver tie and contrasting vest, the groomsmen can be made to wear something that compliments the brides’ dress. Wearing different colored and type neck wears will look trendy too. The knots could be Windsor type, triangular shaped, bigger or smaller in size. It is actually experimentation that counts a lot.

4. Unique Vest can Accentuate the Style

Different type of vests can be tried by the groom as it is an important part of the tux. The groom should wear a bright or a subtle colored vest according to his choice. This should be in compliment to the bride’s dress. The vest and tie may complement each other or may be of the same color.

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