Wedding vows: Let them not be affected by the weather!

Everyone knows the weather is unpredictable most of the time. One cannot be sure about rains, the scorching heat and snowfalls. We all want our wedding day to go as planned and never have any mishaps taking place. When the weather and the wedding go hand in hand it is all good. It is always better to be prepared for the worst though. For those who would have their wedding outside it matter’s a lot. Love your wedding regardless of what happens. Do not fret and follow these few guidelines to make sure you have a wedding with minimal disruption by prevailing weather conditions.

1. When winter’s strike

Winter wedding

Winter weddings may be absolutely gorgeous but the fact is that it may snow at any point and this needs to be taken into consideration. In such cases always have another option ready.

a. It is impossible to change the venue as a whole, but you could probably have a tent or a hall nearby booked for such emergencies.

b. Make sure you have heating facilities at the venue ready and if there is unexpected snowfall, have umbrellas and shelter areas at near access.

c. If at all you need to move your wedding indoors, arrange friends and family members to guide the guests to the new venue and give directions. It would be best if you can also arrange travel for them as well.

d. The bride and bridesmaids may need to keep another pair of boots ready, as it could get all wet and slushy in the snow. Also have warm coats and scarves ready if you are not able to move into a warmer place soon enough.

e. Serve warm drinks that would soothe everyone in the cold weather. Hot chocolate is everyone’s favorite.

2. The scorching heat

Hot summer weddings

The summer time is when wedding dates soar to a high, along with temperatures. As much as summer is the best time to throw a wedding, it may also sometimes prove to be a bit of an issue. When it is blazing hot outside, you and your guests can be annoyed at the weather. If you are planning a summer wedding outdoors then there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

a. Send out your invitations way in advance as summer is usually a vacation time for most families and if you do not invite them early enough, they may have made other plans, missing your wedding. You could have it besides a poll or a beach, so you get some cool winds or can dip into the pool.

b. Make sure there is some sort of shade where guests can cool down in the scorching heat. A tent or a marquee can be of help in such scenarios. Arrange air conditioning or coolers with the event managers or caterers so that guests would not feel lethargic and tired in the heat.

c. Have loads of cool drinks and beverages on the menu. Have stewards serving them regularly to all the guests. Also make sure there are lots of water bottles available for guests as hot weather is sure to make them dehydrated.

d. Make sure you select a bridal gown that is comfortable in the heat. Puffy, long gowns can be a hassle as they could stick to you in the heat and cause rashes later on. Everyone should be comfortable in what they wear, so cool fabrics would be the best option. If you are the groom, you could probably opt for a linen suit

e. Serve food that will suit the weather. Heavy food and heat don’t go hand in hand. Having a barbecue feast or grilled items would be a great idea. Serve frozen cocktails, salads and lots of fruits instead of soups and cakes.

3. The muggy rains

Rainy day wedding

Even though rain on your wedding day is considered lucky in some cultures, it can be one of the worst nightmares for the bride. It can spoil more or less everything you have planned for the wedding of your dreams. But worry not, there are always options to get you through the nasty rainy conditions:

a. Shift the venue as far as possible or if it already in a covered area, make sure you have enough space for all the guests to comfortably stand. If the venue is outdoors and you are expecting rain, always keep another option ready – like a hall nearby.

b. If the rains are heavy then water can seep in making a mess out of everything. So flooring needs to be considered while making your wedding preparations. Discuss with the event planner on your options with flooring. Going cheap can sometimes be disastrous.

c. Have umbrellas ready for your guests. It is impossible to arrange umbrellas for all your guests, but try and source some from friends and family and it will definitely come in handy for those monsoon weddings. You can also ask guests to carry their umbrellas if you know that the chances of rain are high.

d. Your clothes are sure to be ruined in the rain. Make sure you have another set of clothes ready for the reception – something you can change into quickly. Also have alternate hair dos as getting wet unexpectedly can cause your hair and make up to be a mess. The last thing you want is to look messy in your wedding pictures.

e. if you are adamant on taking your wedding pictures outside, then get some colorful umbrellas and quirky boots and play around in the rain with the groom. Make the most of the rains and use them as a backdrop for your pictures.

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