5 Big Mistakes Wedding Planners Make

Big Mistakes Wedding Planners Make

To have a successful wedding, you need to know what to avoid, what keeps you from being calm, happy, and fulfilled on the big wedding day. Wedding planners, whether professional or not, are the people who can either make or break the successful flow of a wedding day.

Mistakes in the wedding are pretty common. Just think about all the stories, movies, and books written about botched weddings. It sometimes takes just one wrong vendor or one faulty move, and the whole thing derails.

When you know the ‘mistakes’ you’ll be forewarned, and forearmed. You’ll know exactly what to avoid so you can prepare for a beautiful ceremony.

Here are 5 mistakes you can avoid so that you’ll create the best day ever for the bride and groom to be.

1. Failure to Have a Plan B

Have a Plan BWe all are familiar with Plan A. This may be the wedding planner that the bride has cultivated since she was 5 years old, playing with dolls. It could be quite the elaborate affair, with all the bells and whistles.

The only thing is, as last year has proven, things don’t always go off as planned. That’s why smart wedding planners have a Plan B.

Without Plan B, your only options are to cancel, postpone, or elope. With Plan B, you can arrange to pivot, adjust, and adapt. Naturally, this may also evolve into a Plan C or D…but who’s counting?

2. Failure to Have an Emergency Kit

Let’s face it. Emergencies happen. They seem to have a magnetic attraction to occur on important days. For instance: the oven stops working on Thanksgiving. The sink backs up when your in-laws are en route. The hotel shuts down where you were holding the reception.

These are the external circumstances that can throw things into a tailspin. But there are other things like an earthquake, a fire, or a flood. There are environmental changes such as a windy day when you’ve got a beach wedding planned. Or a sudden rain shower for an outside reception.

There are internal mishaps. The chef gets sick. The chauffeur doesn’t show up. The caterer disappears. Or even closer to home – a button pops. Lipstick can’t be found. The bouquet evaporates.

What can you do? Have an emergency kit.

While you may not think of every last little thing, you’ll feel much calmer knowing that you have the basics covered.

3. Failure to Laugh

wedding guestsWeddings are meant to be joyous events. If everyone is worrying about all the things that could go wrong – you’ll fail—even if you succeed. You may have every detail perfectly lined up. But if you and all the participants are feeling stressed and anxious – you won’t have a perfectly joyous time.

Do some planning. Learn the basics to manage stress – even a happy event can be stressful. Make sure that you’ve got laughing on your “To Do” list.

4. Failure to Flow

As a wedding planner, you understand the flow. You know a lot about the ebbs and flows of people, energy, and enthusiasm. You know when everyone is having a good time, enjoying each other’s company, and feeling at ease.

In many ways, this is probably why you’re great at your job. If you’re a professional, you know that the skills are very similar to those of an interior designer. You are tuned in to how people move, talk, navigate social events, and feel creative.

Whether you are a professional or just helping out a friend, you can use your skills to pursue a bachelor of interior design. With your skills in project management, organizing spaces to enhance flow, and keen sense of color – this could be an exciting career move.

Perhaps this wedding will help you find a new future and unique career path.

5. Failure to Ask for Help

wedding-event-organizerA wedding day is a big event. It takes rigorous planning, attention to detail, and managing ever-evolving conditions. Some changes are external, while others are internal.

It’s easier to achieve a great wedding event when there are people on your side. With the right team of people, you can have a great time – and enjoy the event.

Planning a wedding event can be stressful. That’s why smart planners ask for help. They know it’s important to not micromanage to the point of driving volunteers crazy. Don’t hold back from asking for help. You’ll be so glad you did.

Sum Up

Stay agile to recover quickly from any last-minute changes. You’ll enjoy the best wedding day ever!

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