5 Easy steps to design a bridal tiara

Bridal Tiara

A bridal tiara is the one of the most eye-catching accessories that adorns your body on one of your most special days. It is the crowning glory of a woman and makes you feel proud of being a woman, boosting your morale, by making you look and feel breathtakingly beautiful. However, sometimes if the wedding day is planned in a jiffy, you have no time to leisurely select a tiara that goes with your bridal gown and rest of the accessories. It is during these times that you can resort to designing a simple, easy yet exquisitely beautiful tiara that equally serves the purpose.

Here are 5 easy steps to design a bridal tiara on your own:

You will require having some old bridal magazines, cardboard, and a sketch book or pad, a pencil and an eraser. You can also keep some pictures of tiaras from old albums and photos.

1. Flip through bridal magazines and old albums and collect pictures of various tiara designs. Choose designs that would go best with your wedding dress and compliment your wedding attire. You can look through old magazines and photo albums of your family and friends for a sizeable collection of designs.

2. Draw rough sketches on your sketch pad or book and come up with a final design that you feel would best suit you and your bridal outfit. If you are not an expert at drawing, you can simply cut and paste the designs onto your final design paper. Usually there are two basic designs for a tiara- one is a diamond crown shape and the other is in a form of an arc of a circle. Once you have selected the basic design, you can adorn your tiara with more intricate designs such as flowers, beads, droplets and the like. You can use your own imagination and come up with a unique design for your bridal tiara.

3. Most of the bridal tiaras are made of 12 to 14 gauge metal wire. Get an assortment of ornamental adornments and the wire that will form the skeleton of the tiara. Now place everything on a trial basis as to what suits best with your wedding dress, your complexion and your face. Get extra materials like stones, flowers, cloth, shining paper and beads so that you can have the best choice.

4. Take the piece of cardboard and make a template of the tiara you have designed on paper. Place the paper sketch on the cardboard and make a precise outline of the tiara on the cardboard. The template should consist of the crown as well as the lower band. This is important because the tiara is not a complete circle and the template will aid in fitting of the lower band.

5. Place the stones, flowers and the other accessories you have chosen on the template and secure them with glue or thread. Give a clean finish to the tiara by cleaning up the unwanted threads and papers that are jutting out. Fasten the tiara with an elastic band or a serrated hair comb that are stitched to fit on the tiara. Give a final trial to see whether the tiara sits securely on your head or shows a slight wobble. Make the necessary alterations and you are ready to shimmer and shine with an exquisite bridal tiara for your unforgettable moment.

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