5 Ways you can personalize your wedding invitations

Your wedding is no doubt, one of the most personal events in your life. This makes it all the more important to ensure that you try to personalize it in every way possible. Even though you may be left with little time to handle all the bigger aspects of the event like the venue, decorations and food arrangements, there are a few things you can attempt to personalize from your end, including the wedding invitation. Check out these five ways in which you can personalize your wedding invitations.

  • Color coordination

Vintage ornate cards with flowers and butterflies.

You may have arranged your wedding around a particular theme. Choose your wedding invites in colors that coordinate with the theme of the event. Here’s a heads up to get you started. If you have planned a winter wedding, go for blue invites. If it is an autumn affair, choose yellow or brown invites. If the wedding is in spring, go for pastel shades. Highlighting the envelopes, card stock, borders, lettering or even the ribbon accordingly can definitely make your wedding invite look more personalized.

  1. Personalized invitation wording

Personalized invitation wording

The majority of wedding invitation cards come with the standard wording of inviting someone for a wedding which goes like this, “We request the honor of your presence at our marriage (or) our kid’s marriage”. Think of alternate ways in which you can send across the same message in a more personalized manner. For instance, you can add the names of the guests to the message. This will definitely let your guests know that you want them at the wedding.

  1. Unique collections


Why not personalize your wedding invite by adorning it with thoughts that are unique to you and your partner. For instance, if both of you love traveling, you can choose to attach pictures of the places you have traveled to with the invite. You can also choose custom images of rings, doves, borders, graphics or any other item that lets your guests know it’s you who is getting married the moment they see the invite.

  1. Hand-written invites

Wedding Party Preparation

Nothing beats a hand written invite when it comes to personalizing your wedding invites. If your handwriting is good, consider writing the invite yourself and get a high resolution scan of the same to be used for the other invites. You can also ask a friend to help you out here, especially if the latter has an impressive handwriting.

  1. Picture stamps

Vector Vintage Floral Postcard

Although a bit costly, this is an excellent way to personalize your wedding invites. Sites like allow you to use your pictures as custom postage stamps. Click a picture of yourself and your partner together, and use the same as stamps. Your guests will love them for sure.

There are many ways in which you can personalize your wedding invites. These ideas are simple, affordable and will do a great job in making your wedding a more personalized event for sure.

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